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Yella Beezy Net Worth: A Rapper With Tons of Secret!

 Yella Beezy is an American singer, songwriter and musician who has a net worth of $2 million. He is best known for his hits including “That’s Me”.

Yella Beezy was born in Dallas, Texas. He was a member of a gang as a teenager and started rapping and writing songs at the age of 13. Yella Beezy was shot in 2018 and hospitalized. He released his first mixtape Oak Cliff America Vol. 1: Broke Nights Rich Days in 2017 and released the mixtape Life Work, Vol. 2 a year.

 Yella Beezy released his mixtape Ain’t No Goin’ Bacc in 2018 which reached number 24 on the Billboard 200 chart. His mixtape Baccend Beezy released in 2019 reached number 27 on the Billboard 200.

Yella Beezy’s single “That’s On Me” (either solo or with 2 Chainz, TI, Rich The Kid, Jeezy, Boosie Badazz & Trapboy Freddy) reached No. 56 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart (along with Quavo and Gucci Main) reached . No. 78 on the Billboard Hot 100. What is Yella Beezy?

Born in October 1991, Yella Beezy’s real name is Markies Deandre Conway. Before he became famous in the hip-hop scene, most of his life was in Dallas, Texas.

In 2015, his career took off after the success of his single, Trap in Designer, from his second mixtape – Broke Nights Rich Days. Since 2015, the rap star has released five more mixtapes.

Yella Beezy Net Worth

Music Entry Fees

Yella Beezy uploads his music to Spotify and SoundCloud. According to Business Insider, Spotify pays between $0.003 and $0.005 per stream and SongStats says that Yella Beezy has a total of 82.9 million streams on Spotify. So, he earned approximately (82,900,000 x $0.004) $331,600 from Spotify.

According to Times International, SoundCloud pays between $0.0025 and $0.004 per stream and SongStats says that Yella Beezy has a total of 37 million streams on Sound Cloud. So, he earned about (37,000,000 x $0.003) $111,000 from SoundCloud.

YouTube Money

Yella Beezy also has a YouTube channel, Yella Beezy, where she has 1.19 million subscribers. It publishes audio tracks and video tracks as well as random clips on channels. Influencer’s Marketing Hub reports that YouTubers earn an average of $18 per thousand ad views, or $0.018 per ad view.

Long videos can do a lot of advertising, but most music videos are only between 25 seconds and 4 minutes. Also, music videos don’t show ads in between. As such, many videos show ads at the beginning or end of the video. Earned ad impressions are typically 30-70% of total views.

According to Social Blade, Yella Beezy’s YouTube channel is currently receiving around 696 million views. Considering the information above, Yella Beezy has earned ($0.018 x 696,000,000 x 50% = $6,264,000) more than $6.25 million on YouTube to date.

Income Will Be Generated From the Sale of Products

Yella Beezy sells merchandise online, but they are not currently available on the website. Its merchandise includes t-shirts ($19-$23), posters (about $2), hats (about $27), and more.

Yella Beezy Net Worth

Personal Property

Yella Beezy bought a few houses outside of Dallas. He bought a house in 2019 worth millions of dollars. He did not say where the house was located or what it was worth. Beezy said in an interview with VladTV that he has jewelry worth $1 million, including his diamond crown, wristwatches, rings, rings, custom necklaces and more.

The singer also owns a luxury car:

Mercedes Benz G-Class ($131,750-$156,450)

Rolls Royce Ghost ($337,850 – $440,225)

Bentley Continental GT ($202,500-$218,900)

and many others. Considering all the facts above, Yella Beezy net worth is more than $8 million but not less.

Yella Beezy Family

When Yella Beezy was 12 years old, her father was shot and killed on Mother’s Day. He talked about it when he visited his childhood home in part 1 of his documentary “Ain’t No Going Bacc: Yella Beezy”.

He also said that the family moved shortly after his father was killed. He was raised by his mother until he was fired.

In the same novel, his mother, uncle and grandmother appear briefly. He has a good relationship with his mother. In 2018, a video emerged of Yella Beezy surprising his mother with a new Jaguar on her birthday. Netizens lovingly showed them and what was said in the video.

Yella Beezy Net Worth

Beezy & Kids Collaboration

Beezy has always been very private about her personal life. According to him, relationships fall apart when the internet is involved.

But everything changed when he posted a story saying “SINGLE 2021” on his Instagram account. His girlfriend, who goes by Justdeee on Instagram, posted a similar story and threatened to leave the house.

A few online chats took place between the couple and many fans said it was funny to see how they live under the same roof and manage their online business.

We Still Don’t Know if They Are Together or Not.

Justdeee is the CEO of DHairBotique, a company that sells virgin human hair. Yella Beezy is a father of two. She gave birth to her first child – Baby Yella in January 2018. Their second child, Dallas Conway was born in January 2021.

Yella Beezy once posted on Instagram that she thought Dallas looked more like her than Baby Yella, and asked her fans for their thoughts. Most of the comments in the post are true. (However, Yella Beezy recently deleted the post.)

Who was Yella Beezy before fame? As a child, Yella was fond of football and wanted to one day become a professional footballer. But because of his family’s financial situation when he was a teenager, he joined the Crips, one of the most violent street gangs in the United States.

It is not unusual for the Crips to be involved in crime. So, Yella Beezy started selling drugs. He was also violent and got into trouble at school.

He Ended Up Dropping Out of High School Without Graduating. Beezy’s Work

Yella Beezy released his first mixtape Mash Mode Overload at the age of 14. During this time, he considered Cash Money, Boosie Badaz and Kevin Gates as his influences. After a few years, Lil Yella Mane released his second mixtape in 2012.

He made his first breakthrough after the song Trap In Designer with his third mixtape which became an instant hit. Another song, going through some Thangs, was well received. This mixtape was released by Pressplay Entertainment Group in 2016. This time he did not take a big step and released his fourth mixtape, Broke Nights Rich Days in February 2017.

In the same year in November, his fifth mixtape Lite Work Vol.2 was released featuring his most famous song Na M featuring Sir Rec, Go Yayo, Trapboy Freddy and G$ Lil Ronnie.

Yella Beezy Net Worth


The famous singer (Markies Deandre Conway) is a household name whose stage name is Yella Beezy. Yella is best known for her hit singles “Up One” and “Go With Some Thangs”.

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