The 10 Best Video Game Characters Of All Time in 2023


Mohit Kamboj

Gaming’s evolution in storytelling has ushered in a new era of intricate narratives set within vast, immersive worlds. Amidst this evolution, the cornerstone of compelling tales often rests upon unforgettable characters. These characters hold a profound impact on players as they engage with the game’s storyline, leaving a lasting impression that reverberates long after gameplay.

At the heart of narrative-driven games lies the characters—the driving force that intimately links players to the unfolding story. Their evolution, desires, and traversal through the game’s universe significantly contribute to players’ emotional investment. Among these characters, the main protagonist stands tall, guiding players through challenges, victories, and personal growth. As players forge a deep connection with these protagonists, navigating alongside them, their resilience, vulnerabilities, and relatable traits further cement the immersive experience.

Room 8 recognizes the pivotal role characters play in enhancing gaming narratives. Through their expertise, they aid in crafting compelling protagonists that elevate the gaming experience, transcending the boundaries of the screen and embedding themselves in players’ memories.

Gordon Freeman

As the central figure in the Half-Life series, Gordon Freeman remains a silent protagonist, never uttering a single word. However, this very silence allows players to effortlessly project themselves onto him. As you undertake crucial tasks to save humanity, you realize you’ve been the driving force all along.

This experience verges on a power fantasy, exemplified when returning to City 17 in the second game. Witnessing the oppressed populace transform into fervent rebels who see Gordon as their leader, tearing down Breen’s monumental monitor, signifies a truly changing world.

The way Gordon’s character is crafted makes him one of the standout heroes in first-person shooter (FPS) games.

Ryu Hayabusa

In Ninja Gaiden, Ryu Hayabusa, a youthful ninja entrusted with the revered Dragon Sword, embarks on an origin story seeking vengeance against Doku, who stole the Dark Dragon Blade and murdered his friend Kureha.

Ninja Gaiden 2 propels Ryu into the role of a formidable Super Ninja on a global quest to thwart the resurrection of the Archfiend. This iteration introduces a level of allure to Ryu, an uncommon trait among male game characters in 2008.

Much like John Wick, Ryu’s scarcity of words magnifies their impact. Focused and relentless, he undoubtedly stands as the quintessential gaming ninja.

Kazuma Kiryu

Within the Yakuza series, Kazuma Kiryu, known as the Dragon of Dojima, emerges as a central character. In a world entrenched in masculinity, Kazuma endures relentless, brutal fights motivated by his love and loyalty to others.

His unwavering determination enables him to persevere even in the direst situations.

An exemplary moment occurs in Yakuza 5, where he confronts the final boss despite severe injuries. Kazuma’s lack of romantic entanglements sets him apart, contributing to his uniqueness. His legendary status not only solidifies him as one of the greatest heroes but also among Sega’s top characters.

Guybrush Threepwood Guybrush

Threepwood from Monkey Island epitomizes one of the finest heroes in adventure games. As a pirate in a point-and-click adventure, he epitomizes the act of stealing prevalent in these games.

Monkey Island brilliantly harnesses these core elements of adventure games, crafting a likable protagonist who, amid completing quests, inadvertently wreaks havoc and humorously messes up situations. Much like the late Eddie Guerrero, his deceitful yet endearing nature fosters adoration.

Solid Snake (Metal Gear Series)

Few gaming figures rival the longevity of Solid Snake, who debuted in the late ’80s. His character development, especially in the narrative-rich Metal Gear Solid titles, demonstrates significant growth.

Snake embodies a gruff yet compassionate individual dedicated to saving lives throughout his adult years. Despite viewing himself more as a killer than a hero due to self-loathing, this complex aspect makes his character all the more compelling.

B.J. Blazkowicz (Wolfenstein Series)

B.J. Blazkowicz’s character receives substantial exploration from The New Order onwards, revealing a challenging upbringing marked by an abusive and racist father, a stark contrast to his own honorable nature.

He emerges as a formidable opponent to the Nazi regime, a one-man army capable of surviving the unthinkable.

Ellie (The Last Of Us Series)

In The Last of Us, Ellie initially serves as a secondary character but evolves into the main protagonist in subsequent installments. Though not conventionally heroic in a world defined by survival and revenge, her commitment to protecting loved ones amidst a shattered world showcases her heroic qualities.

Given the chance, she might have sacrificed herself to cure the devastating virus.

Lara Croft (Tomb Raider Reboot Series)

Since her debut in the ’90s, Lara Croft has become an industry icon. The recent reboot delves into a mature, gritty version of Lara, far removed from her original persona.

This incarnation portrays her as a determined warrior, facing loss, isolation, and anger while striving to honor her father’s legacy. Camilla Luddington’s performance adds depth, elevating Lara’s emotional journey.

Trevor Philips (Grand Theft Auto 5)

In the Grand Theft Auto series, Trevor Philips stands out as perhaps the most fitting protagonist due to his unapologetically abrasive nature. He epitomizes the satirical essence of Grand Theft Auto 5’s fictional city of Los Santos.

Rockstar has faced criticism for the disconnect between player actions and character portrayal in GTA. Trevor, however, embodies the ideal character for a game of this nature. When players wreak havoc in the online world, it feels as if Trevor could be right alongside them.

Clever, ambitious, and incredibly chaotic with a disregard for consequences, Trevor encapsulates the essence of Los Santos itself, fully comprehending and embodying the world around him.

Dante (Devil May Cry Series)

Dante personifies stylish combat and unwavering heroism throughout the Devil May Cry series. Since the original release in 2001, he has taken down demons with flair, exuding confidence and a penchant for stylishly dispatching foes.

Initially portrayed as a cocky and youthful demon hunter, Dante has evolved over the years into a mentor and a seasoned, more mature individual. While his playful attitude remains, he showcases a more serious side when faced with substantial threats.

Despite his bravado, Dante’s growth reveals a deeper care for the people around him, displaying a genuine concern and willingness to go the extra mile to protect his team. His compassionate nature shines through, highlighting a character whose heart beats for those he holds dear.

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