Gaming words and terms that may not be clear to ordinary people


Mohit Kamboj

Many people often notice that sometimes you can hear unusual formulations and sayings, which at first glance may be incomprehensible, simply because people are not in the subject of what is happening and do not understand the context.

It is worth examining many phrases and terms from games that will simplify the general understanding of the subject of conversation.


Not the most common phrase, but from time to time fans of online games use the term RMT, or Real Money Trading, in their conversations.

The fact is that the gaming industry is quite complex, especially in online projects, where there is a spread of players in the amount of time they are willing to spend on the game.

Some gamers spend 12 hours a day, while others are busy at work and can only spare a couple of hours.

To keep up with the entire server, they buy in-game items with real money, which is what RMT stands for.

The player simply buys conditional WoW gold from another more active player and compensates for the lack of time and resources that other gamers have.


From time to time you can hear conversations like – yesterday I grinded so much World of Warcraft gold.

This means that the player spent a lot of time extracting resources and accumulated a sufficient amount for his game.

By the way, most gamers like this format of the game – slowly, monotonously kill monsters while listening to good music or your favorite audiobook.


You can often hear the words AFK used by players in active dialogue.

This abbreviation means that the player is away from the computer and cannot perform actions or communicate.


If you hear this wording, it means that a failure has occurred – either the quality of the Internet connection has noticeably deteriorated, and the game began to freeze, or the gaming equipment cannot cope with the load and physically creates a freezing effect for its owner.

Lore games

Sometimes you can hear fragments of phrases in the spirit – the authors have moved away from the canons, or the plot does not really fit into the lore.

This is a story that stretches from the very beginning of the project, and game studios that know how to create a backstory well in order to make many gamers fall in love with their heroes are rightfully considered the best in the business.

So Blizzard gave the world the iconic confrontation between two factions – the Horde and the Alliance, who have been fighting each other for domination of Azeroth for thousands of years.

And just a departure from the classic game lore, there would be a reconciliation of the warring parties; if the developers decided to take such a step, they would receive a wave of displeasure from other players.

Lootbox or case

Players love random rewards, and developers who know how to play on this feeling within reasonable limits attract a huge audience.

The highest sign of skill is the ability to add such boxes with random prizes, but fill them with items that provide only a cosmetic effect and do not in any way affect the balance within the game itself.

This is what Valve did, adding to CS GO, and now to CS 2, the ability to modify the appearance of your operative and all weapons, giving him a unique look.

Such a replacement is only cosmetic and does not in any way affect the shooting and its accuracy, but it adds style and individualization to the players, and for this they are ready to buy thousands of keys and open hundreds of cases in order to try to get the most expensive weapons, gloves, operatives and, most importantly, expensive – the appearance of the knives. From kirambit to butterfly knife and army bayonet.


A quick walk or run. One of the popular entertainments among single player players is to try to complete them as quickly as possible, and preferably without taking into account bugs that significantly reduce the completion of levels.

Particularly popular projects, like the GTA series, have their own special world top among speedruns, and new players are constantly appearing who are trying to break the speed record and enter their name, or rather nickname, into the top of the best and fastest speedrunners in the gaming industry.


You can often hear the phrase – go through stealth.

This means passing quietly, without attracting attention.

Games that are based on stealth mechanics are not the most popular, since players are sometimes interested in deciding the outcome of the battle in a more dramatic way, but stealth is often the most effective and safest way to pass with the intrigue of tracking down your target, gradually eliminating all enemies, or a secret passage to a secret territory and carry out their task unnoticed, followed by exit from there to safety.


This is an intermediate save, which allows the player not to replay the entire level in case of defeat, but will return to the previously fixed amount.

Such mechanics appeared not so long ago in the gaming industry, where previously there were simple options of victories and defeats with the requirement to replay everything that had been completed previously. This forced players to be more careful and progress faster in their gaming skills, but at the same time caused great anger when they were defeated in the last stages by cunning enemies.


This is an abbreviation for the word modification – these are the author’s improvements to game mechanics that allow you to improve famous game projects.

So Skyrim, from the Bethesda company, received many copyright modifications and is one of the most replayable games at the moment. Players upgraded equipment and weapons, added various scripts to the behavior of monsters and bosses, strengthened enemies and allies, and added a lot of cosmetic effects. Such actions give relatively old projects a second wind and motivate players to play the game again and again and experience new emotions.


Achievements are in-game rewards that game developers give out for performing difficult, strange, or funny actions.

Sometimes such mechanics reach the point of absurdity, and you can get a reward simply by jumping 29 times or kicking a chicken.

There are also interesting mechanics that are difficult to recreate and find out that such actions exist in principle.

Like killing four enemies with a fragmentation grenade in CS GO, or sliding down a slope for 30 seconds in The Witcher 3. All achievements depend on the developers, and sometimes they are simply not added to the game, but often they are there and add replay value, creativity and interest to the project.

Not everyone can be figured out on their own, but often game developers themselves write a list of achievements that can be obtained, and the main task is to simply follow it, but as practice shows, finding such details yourself is much more interesting.