The New Abbey Clancey Celebrity Homes TV Show – A Must Watch


Mohit Kamboj

If you’ve ever wondered what lies behind the closed doors of celebrity homes, you’re in for a treat! The captivating Abbey Clancy is set to host a brand-new ITV show, Abbey Clancy: Celebrity Homes, which promises to delve deep into the luxurious abodes of the stars.

Diving Into Celebrity Homes With Abbey

Abbey Clancy isn’t just a model, podcaster, and presenter; she’s also an interior design enthusiast. This makes her the perfect host for a show that combines celebrity life with home décor. Describing her style as “eclectic and classic”, Abbey’s personal experiences, including numerous house moves with her husband, former England footballer Peter Crouch, have shaped her appreciation for making any space feel like home.

What To Expect?

In this exciting series, Abbey will be taking viewers on a whirlwind tour of various celebrity homes. We’re not just talking about a cursory glance; she digs deep, exploring the design choices, cherished possessions, and the personal stories behind them. From model Jodie Kidd’s residence to the abode of singer Heidi Range, expect a mix of jaw-dropping architecture, unique interior design, and some surprises (like a dining room inhabited by two live donkeys!).

A Glimpse Into Their Lives

Beyond the opulent chandeliers, plush sofas, and the luxurious grand oak flooring, there’s a simple home life that celebrities love to show. They really like to make themselves seem ‘just like anyone else’. It truly gets the inspiration flowing. But you can’t deny that the interior decor gets the creative juices flowing – one quick search on websites like www.woodfloorwarehouse.co.uk and you’re redesigning your entire home.

Abbey Clancy: Celebrity Homes offers a unique perspective on the lives of celebrities. As Abbey puts it, while some homes may not align with her taste, it’s fascinating to see what makes these houses truly a home for their celebrity occupants. Through their interiors, Abbey feels she can glean a deeper understanding of who these individuals are, beyond their public personas.

A Few Surprises Along The Way

The show promises its fair share of unexpected moments. Abbey’s visit to fashion designer Alice Temperley’s home stands out, where she encounters two free-roaming donkeys, Banjo and Mojo. Abbey’s reaction? Pure astonishment and delight. She remarked, “There was a donkey in the dining room, which was just incredible, the owner has got two donkeys which just roam in and out of the house.”

Such unscripted and genuine moments add a delightful unpredictability to the series. Beyond the grandeur and luxury, it’s these unexpected encounters that reveal the quirks and personal touches that make these celebrity homes so uniquely theirs, offering viewers both entertainment and authenticity.

A Personal Touch

While the show is packed with celebrity insights and décor inspirations, Abbey also gives fans a glimpse into her personal life. She and her husband, Peter, recently introduced a new member to their family – an adorable puppy. However, the pup’s introduction to fans on their podcast, The Therapy Crouch, had a humorous twist involving a spilt glass of Ribena on a pristine white silk rug.

Abbey Clancy: Celebrity Homes is more than just a peek into the glamorous homes of the rich and famous. It’s a journey that blends personal stories, design inspirations, and a few surprises. Whether you’re an interior design aficionado or just curious about celebrity lifestyles, this show is sure to be a must-watch. So, mark your calendars and get ready to embark on a tour of luxury, elegance, and personal tales with Abbey Clancy!