Patpat Review 2023: Is Buying from Patpat Worth It?


Mohit Kamboj

Do you think it’s too good to be true that this site sells cute, cheap clothes for babies? Check out our reviews of Patpat to find out if it’s worth the money.

There don’t seem to be many choices for sites that sell clothes for the whole family, including baby clothes, matching sets for the whole family, maternity clothes, accessories, and more.

Patpat says it fills this need with a huge range of cute clothes for babies and many other things that parents need.

The brand makes clothes that are cute, well-made, and cheap. You can download the app on Appisfree.

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About Patpat

Patpat is an online fast fashion store that sells matched outfits for the whole family, clothes for babies, clothes for pregnant women, and more. The brand makes clothes that are cute, well-made, and cheap.

The business sells clothes for pregnant women, kids, children, and a lot more. Patpat has built up a loyal customer base over the years thanks to its wide range of baby gear choices.

PatPat is a fast-fashion shop that is a lot like the famous SheIn, but it sells clothes for babies and items for pregnant women.

Patpat Product Review

  • Matching Sets Review
  • Maternity Clothing Review
  • Women’s Accessories Review

Matching Sets Review

Patpat Review

Need an outfit that goes with your Christmas present or family picture? Patpat will take care of you. The matched family sets might be the cutest thing they sell.

PatPat sells matched sets for the whole family with plaids, flowers, holiday themes, and more. What a lot of fun!

The things are also very cheap; most sets cost less than $15 for the whole set! That really is a great deal.

Maternity Clothing Review

Patpat Review

You probably don’t want to spend a lot of money on a new pregnant outfit that you’ll only be able to wear during your pregnancy. Luckily, the prices of pregnancy clothes from PatPat can’t be beaten.

Reviews say that the quality of PatPat isn’t as good as that of more expensive names (for example, the fabric might be lighter than you wanted), but you probably won’t notice it too much.

You can wear more than just pants, dresses, and tops when you’re pregnant. PatPat sells both shapewear and clothes for nursing moms.

Women’s Accessories Review

Patpat Review

This company has all the latest styles in items, like cat-eye sunglasses, claw hair clips, fuzzy socks, scrunchies, and more, and they sell them for a very low price.

Don’t forget about these fun add-ons when you’re trying to fill up your cart and reach the shipping minimum. Also, they have great items for your children.

What Customers Saying About Patpat?

Overall, review sites like Sitejabber and Trustpilot have good things to say about PatPat. We also looked on Reddit and other sites to find out what real customers think. Let’s take a look at what people said:

  • Products of good enough quality for the price
  • Amazing prices
  • 2–4 week shipping speeds
  • Lots of choices
  • Great service to customers
  • Some order mistakes
  • Some trouble getting refunds
  • Because buyers have to pay for return shipping, some orders aren’t worth sending back.
  • Some quality problems, like thin fabrics, wrong labels, and arms that are too long or too short.
  • Some problems with different sizes
  • There are a lot of real PatPat reviews on their individual product pages.

In Conclusion: Is Patpat Legit or Worthable?

After reading hundreds of PatPat reviews, we conclude that they are worth a try. In general, customers were satisfied with their purchases, and when they weren’t, customer service resolved issues expeditiously.

There were a few complaints about inconsistent sizing and quality issues, but this is a risk you take when shopping at these incredibly affordable rapid fashion retailers. Due to the low price, the quality will not be particularly impressive.

For such low prices, the provided products are a steal. Occasionally, you may receive an item that you dislike, but it appears that consumers have more positive experiences than negative ones.

The only drawback is that customers must pay for return shipping, which can be expensive because the brand distributes from abroad. Depending on what you purchase, one item may cost as much as (or even less than) the return shipping, so you may be left with something you don’t like.

We also recommend reading individual PatPat product reviews on their respective product pages. If you scroll down on a product you’re interested in, you should be able to find evaluations from consumers who have actually purchased the item.

Due to the store’s size, numerous consumers share evaluations (including images) of the items they’ve purchased. You can use these evaluations to determine if the sizing or quality was off, thereby preventing you from being trapped with something you don’t like.

But ultimately, we recommend this brand to parents-to-be or those looking for an inexpensive present for a parent. Additionally, they have family photo coordinating packages.