A Selection of the Best Anime Games on Android


Sandeep Singh

Given its popularity as an entertainment option in the modern world, mobile gaming is more diverse than it ever has been. From sports products and puzzle games to console-quality releases and virtual reality titles, the sheer amount of games people can sample on an Android device is remarkable. For lovers of all things anime, there are a range of solid options to explore, too.

With smartphone gaming’s notable growth has come an increasing amount of gaming opportunities. Thankfully, for people with a passion for hand-drawn and computer-generated animation originating from Japan, the mobile games in this genre serve up enough to warrant some serious time and attention. Of course, as with any gaming genre, not all anime games necessarily deliver, though, but we’re focusing on the best of the best here.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at a selection of the best anime games on Android right now.

Dragon Ball Legends is perfect for fans of the series

Featuring all of the characters from arguably the most iconic show to ever grace the genre, Dragon Ball Legends is a fighting product with combat moves and a strong dose of violence. Also containing light RPG, gacha, and adventure elements, this free release is perfect for people who want to put certain characters from the Japanese anime television series up against each other in an attempt to see how they get on. A blast to play, Dragon Ball Legends is a great option for anyone, but particularly people who adore the much-loved series.

Mochimon slot is inspired by mochi rice cakes

Alongside the downloadable products is a selection of seriously good options that can be explored through an internet browser. In fact, some browser games are excellent. One product that immediately springs to mind is Mochimon, a game that is inspired by mochi rice cakes. The Mochimon anime-themed slot is fairly easy to grasp, as players aim to spin the reels that are filled with mochi faces, with some smiling and others looking serious. Offering a 7×7 layout, this eye-catching and hugely fun anime product definitely deserves a session.

The Seven Deadly Sins- Grand Cross.jpegThe Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross is a top RPG gacha

If you’re after an RPG gacha to download for your device, then look no further than The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross. Offering an online PvP mode and a two-player co-op mode, there are a number of instantly recognizable characters from the series as players explore a variety of locations and embark on what is a pleasurable gaming experience, particularly given the delightful art style that is on show throughout this top title that pretty much has it all.

Azur Lane is a uniquely fun release

While the premise of Azur Lane is rather strange, it’s a fun game to explore. With players having to collect anthropomorphic girls that act as warships, the battling aspect of this game is a particular highlight, especially as it all takes place in an alternate universe.

Bleach Brave Souls is still a popular choice

Although Bleach Brave Souls isn’t new in 2023, it definitely deserves to be included on the list due to its ongoing popularity. In the gacha RPG game, players have to summon characters from the Bleach universe, all while embarking on a selection of adventures that make up a truly engaging story. With players also having to level up their characters and battle against any rival players, there is plenty to keep you firmly on your toes in this one. In terms of providing a strong dose of entertainment that is filled with anime features, Bleach Brave Souls is a top release.