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Non-traditional Men’s Wedding Bands – Why You Need Them?


Sandeep Singh

Since most of us know how important marriages are, we’ve associated the state of marriages with whether the couple wears their wedding bands. When they do, the marriage is going well. When they don’t, we suspect something is wrong. However, we focus less on men’s wedding bands than women’s.

Our focus on women’s wedding bands necessitates the need for women to wear wedding bands that others consider attractive. Therefore, they have those shiny and flamboyant wedding bands to show off their marriages.

On the contrary, men seldom wear their wedding bands, maybe for the first few weeks after their wedding. We assume it’s because they don’t want it to stop them from getting mistresses. However, it may be due to other reasons.

This piece will show you the importance of wedding bands for men. You’ll also understand why men choose not to wear their wedding bands. You’ll see why non-traditional wedding bands are the right choice for men.

Importance of wedding bands

Wedding bands are items that many people, especially women, dream of wearing on their ring finger one day in the future. They are an important piece that announces the marital status of an individual, including men, to the public without having to say a word.

If you’ve been a bachelor for a while, and people know you around, a wedding band on your ring finger tells the people who knew you as a bachelor that you’re now a married man, and you don’t have to announce it, they’ll automatically congratulate you.

However, many men choose not to wear their wedding bands, neglecting the importance of this little piece. Some of the reasons for wearing wedding bands include:

Announcing your marital status

People must know that you’re married and out of the dating pool, but you can’t go about announcing that to everyone by word of mouth. Your wedding band takes the responsibility of announcing that to everyone.

Usually, when people see a wedding band on your finger, they are forced to ask questions and congratulate you because getting married is a big deal.

Improving your fashion and style

Society considers marriage to be something to be proud of. Therefore, you should elevate your style to suit your new status. Your old fashion and style may be inappropriate once you’re off the dating scene.

Have you ever wondered why stylish and posh men don’t wear wedding bands? It doesn’t agree with their style and personality. Wedding bands and style don’t usually go in the same sentence when it comes to men, but it does with women. Why? Women are more conscious of their appearance.

However, men are beginning to give their style and appearance some attention, and with the right wedding bands, they’ll soon match the women in choosing wedding bands for their style.

Showing your loyalty to your spouse

How else does one show loyalty to their spouse if not by actions that say we’re with them alone? Your wedding band is the accessory that shows how much you value your marriage. As a man, your loyalty is more profound when you keep your wedding band on.

Women know that men don’t like wearing wedding bands, and they assume it’s because they still want to keep playing the field. You can show loyalty to your spouse by wearing your wedding band.

Commanding some level of respect

With married status comes some respect. Have you seen how newly married men are treated at your office? They’re usually accorded some new level of importance.

You can retain that respect when you keep that wedding band on, reminding everyone that you’re now part of a respected institution – marriage.

Strangers will also give you some respect when they see your wedding band on you.

Why do men seldom wear their wedding bands?

We can count the men we know who wear wedding bands despite being married. It’s no mystery that some of the popular queries on search engines include “do men wear their wedding bands?” “Why do posh men not wear wedding rings?” and “Should a married man wear his ring?”

These queries show that many men don’t wear their wedding bands. However, there are several reasons for this. They include:

For comfort reasons

Many men prefer to have their hands free of wedding bands because they find them uncomfortable. The feel of a band around the finger doesn’t add to anyone’s comfort.

However, choosing the right wedding band size can eliminate the tightness that comes with some.

Disagreement with style and personality

Men who understand their style will choose not to wear wedding bands if they are incompatible with their fashion and aura. Wedding bands aren’t just marriage status signifiers; they’re fashion accessories and extensions of the wearer’s personality.

Nature of their profession

The type of job that a man keeps determines if he wears a wedding band or not. A man who constantly uses his hand will prefer to be without a wedding band to lengthen the band’s durability.

Doctors, handypersons, welders, electricians, and men that work with their fingers usually remove their wedding bands before work. Most of them forget to put them back on.

How to get men to wear their wedding bands

We need men to wear their wedding bands to improve the general idea that women have of men regarding marriage and wedding bands. However, men can’t subject themselves to what makes them uncomfortable and doesn’t agree with their style.

Therefore, we can have men wear their wedding rings by providing wedding bands that have the following qualities:

  • Masculine style compatibility
  • Improved comfort
  • Less flashy and flamboyant
  • Durable and strong material

These qualities are found in non-traditional wedding bands at Mens Wedding Bands io. They offer wedding bands that posh men and men who work with their hands can use.

Posh men can choose non-traditional wedding bands made from steel, meteorite, or ceramic. They can also have the inlays of these rings covered in carbon fiber for improved comfort. Men who work with their hands can choose wood, antler, or dinosaur bones wedding bands.

Final Thoughts

Men’s wedding bands are as important as women’s wedding bands. They should show the wearer’s style and personality without sacrificing comfort. Men’s Wedding Bands offers the best non-traditional wedding bands that offer these qualities.