Most Anticipated Netflix Series 2024


Mohit Kamboj

Founded over thirty years ago, Netflix has become integral to modern people’s lives, saturating our evening and holiday plans. Without restrictions in genres and topics, the streaming service continues to reach an audience of millions, providing high-quality projects to residents of almost two hundred countries.

Having pleased many exciting films and TV series in the past year, Netflix intrigued subscribers with promising products for every taste. In 2024, loyal fans of the service should stock up on popcorn to crackle while watching newborn masterpieces and continuations of their favorite series.

Devil May Cry

This coming year, the world will finally see an intriguing adaptation of the game series, presented in anime style. Very soon, it will be possible to plunge into the life of the hot-tempered mercenary Dante with incredible abilities. The producer of a promising release is Adi Shankar, who previously created the anime series Castlevania, Dredd, and other projects.

Fans worldwide are waiting with bated breath for the first season’s premiere. Events filled with spectacular battles, unexpected turns, and dynamics will make the story of the demon hunting with Capcom’s hero even more exciting.

Love Is Blind

The release of the sixth season of everyone’s favorite reality series with a social experiment as a core is timed to coincide with the upcoming Valentine’s Day.

The creation by Chris Coelen was loved by millions of viewers enjoying the exciting union of two hearts. Single people get a chance to find a partner with the only condition that the acquaintance will be blind. Participants communicate freely on various topics. While in unique dating rooms, they expect the only one to feel obvious chemistry.


The promising sci-fi anime series by Masahi Koizuka is also ready to break into the list of the best releases in 2024. Having revealed many exciting announcements, Netflix Tudum Japan shared a teaser and poster for an anime that tells about the distant future, the fight against criminals on the Moon, and many more exciting things.

The characters are designed by Hiromu Arakawa, who also worked on creating the world-famous manga Full Metal Alchemist. The animation was handled by WIT Studio, which is also involved in many pet projects. Star creators, a captivating plot, and excitement have become the three pillars of the upcoming Moonrise.

Our Oceans

Exploring oceans is a source of inspiration for specialists in different fields of knowledge. Covering more than 70% of the planet’s surfaces, large water bodies are fraught with many mysteries. The upcoming documentary series is precisely about this. Touching the history and specifics of mysterious spaces will open up many new things for viewers.

The gained information will expand your knowledge base, providing engaging conversation topics and the foundation for future academic papers. It is always possible to order the latter by https://writepaperfor.me/ by sharing your preferences and supporting them with your favorite episodes, which you would like to see reflected in the work.

Jurassic World: Chaos Theory

The release of the computer-animated series, planned for 2024, will be a continuation of the animated sci-fi action-adventure TV series Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous released in past years. By narrowing the focus to genius dinosaur-loving camp resident Darius Bowman, DreamWorks Animation, Universal Pictures, and Amblin Entertainment helped create a compelling story following the park’s closure and chaos reigning.

Avid fans of the universe look forward to immersing themselves in the adventures of a hero who has managed to win love with his behavior and character traits.

Spirit Rangers

The release of the new season of the beloved animated preschool series by Karissa Valencia will be a genuine surprise for the children’s audience on Netflix. Little angels worldwide are missing the colorful characters. At the same time, adults will be happy to join in watching the adventures of the perky trio based on the elements of the history of Native American tribes.

The Queen on Villains

The upcoming drama series is dedicated to the life of women’s wrestling legend Dump Mutsumoto, who became popular at the end of the last century. A director, Kazuya Shiraishi, with cast and crew, took it upon themselves to reveal the life and career of this iconic figure who brought weighty attention to the women’s wrestling industry.

The Umbrella Academy

Another sensational event was the announcement of the completion of everyone’s favorite superhero drama series, timed to coincide with the Hargreeves family’s celebration. There is a tiny space left before the release of the long-awaited work. But in the meantime, there is time to review the first three seasons.

Even calling the upcoming premiere the final season is not a reason to despair. Before you have time to blink, your favorite characters will make themselves known again.

The Leopard

The foundation for the upcoming drama series is the literary masterpiece of Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa. Created by Richard Warlow, an adaptation of a Sicily-set novel from an Italian treasure trove of cultural memorabilia will reveal the decadence of the aristocracy, centered around the story of protagonist Don Fabrizio, also known as Leopard. Soon, viewers will evaluate the result of the long-awaited work on transforming the only novel of the Italian genius.

Vikings: Valhalla

The American historical drama series seasons have found fans worldwide, joining the list of the most anticipated Netflix creations with the opportunity to touch the past and reveal more about the events and characters of those years. As a spin-off of Michael Hirst’s TV series Vikings, the upcoming story will fill the presented era with new colors.

Final Words

The world-famous streaming service Netflix has intrigued viewers worldwide with its upcoming series releases. Covering different focuses and stories will allow everyone to find something to do tonight.