What Is So Special About Escape From Tarkov?


Mohit Kamboj

Escape from Tarkov or EFT, is a popular multiplayer tactical 1st-person video game that has been developed for MS Windows. The backdrop of this game is the fictional region of Norvinsk, which is located in northwestern Russia. Here, in this region, a war is going on between a couple of private military companies. When you play this game, you have to join a match known as raids. Here, you will have a battle with other players where you will want to survive as well as escape. 

Don’t lose while playing EFT

Every player who plays EFT doesn’t want to lose, as it isn’t an option with them. Players can lose everything that they have worked very hard to get; hence, they never lose any opportunity to eradicate that probability. No matter whether a player has been battling across the city of Tarkov or working for victory in 7 rounds of Teamfight, they will find the EFT Arena hacks  to be helpful to him in multiple ways. As a hardcore game needs a hardcore, players should get a steadfast solution so that they can skyrocket to the rank they truly deserve.

Reasons to use tips and tricks

Players prefer to use vital tips and tricks of EFT so that they can emerge as winners, and some of them are:

Players should train themselves offline to become aware of the cards

Players find it daunting to get into the cold as they fear being killed. This is why Escape from Tarkov gives every player a chance to use the offline mode practice. When players use it, they can familiarize themselves with the game, and they are also not required to bother about dying. Every player loves the offline mode as it is considered to be a magnificent way to learn the method of fighting the Scavs. They can also make themselves aware of the maps besides learning the extraction points and the finest routes. Offline mode is regarded as training, as players will not earn loot or XP when they do it. Hence, players should not devote lots of time to offline mode but give some time towards the beginning only when they start their journey in this game.

Players should practice using their guns before being involved in actual combat

The guns players use when they play EFT differ vastly, even when they fire various weapons. It happens as EFT has a complete weapon modding system. It means weapons will be found with highly unique accuracy, recoil, and range. Though it sounds superb, new players come across some issues with it. So that players do not confront any kind of nasty surprise, they should try out the firing process of every gun. Players can do this by developing a shooting range. Alternatively, they can explore the offline raid and attempt to test out this raid on the Scavs. Players who play EFT should be thorough. They should get a real feeling of how their guns are handled in full action. Again, they should also know how their guns perform at a long range. Players find guns that cater to all Tarkov playstyles, and they need to find out what suits them.

Insurance of the equipment is important

Players should take benefit of the equipment insurance when they play this game. They can possess their equipment. If they die at the time of a raid, they will get an opportunity to recover the object. It seems to be hugely helpful for top-tier and rare weapons that players do not wish to lose in any condition. Nonetheless, though equipment insurance turns out to be useful in various ways, players should not forget that there is a warning with this insurance, too. A player will get the insured items if they aren’t taken at the time of the raid, and if he dies in battle and someone else tries to rob him as well as his insured items, then he will not be able to get back those items. If a player remains bothered about losing his insured equipment, he should hide his objects strategically in some hidden areas like corners.

Players should be aware of the danger

A couple of things make the areas of EFT dangerous, such as when they are considered high-traffic or high-loot. It means some places will be highly prevalent as there will be lots of goodies. On the other hand, other places will be busier as they show routes to other places. A high-traffic area includes chokepoints as players cross the Customs’ main road, river, and village. Newbie players need to learn where other players are located, and they can learn it when they Google a map to know about a location. They should look for places that have quest locations or high-value spawns so that they can adapt themselves accordingly. Again, they should also circle some hazardous spots when they do not have any reason to reach them.