Top 5 Concerts Around the World to Visit in 2023


Mohit Kamboj

Attending a concert is an experience all music lovers want to experience at least once in a lifetime. While there are so many ways to listen to music nowadays, with several streaming services available, and the older formats in vinyl, CD or cassette tape are enjoying a resurgence in popularity among collectors, there’s something that makes concerts more special. That’s because you aren’t just simply listening to the music. It’s mostly because you can see your favorite musicians or bands performing live in front of you and the sense of community and unique atmosphere in a venue.

It’s amazing to meet people that are essentially strangers to you but with whom you can spend an extraordinary time because you share the same taste in music. So, if you’ve been thinking about attending some concerts over the next months, here are a few that should be on your list.

Sigur Ros

The Icelandic rock band, established in 1994, has attracted a loyal fanbase over the years due to its eclectic style. Blending minimalism and classical influences, the use of their native language and the combination of sounds and aesthetic elements have earned them something of a cult following among art-rock lovers. The band is set to embark on a tour across North America and Europe during the summer of 2023 to promote their latest album, “Átta,” released on June 16th. It is Sigur Ros’ first following a decade-long hiatus after the 2013 Kveikur.

The Istanbul concert on July 28th at KüçükÇiftlik Park is expected to attract large numbers of fans. So far, the ticket prices are between $27 and $288. Since Sigur Ros will incorporate a 41-piece orchestra in the show, many feel this is simply an unmissable experience. Istanbul will be the center of many performances this year, so those that want to spend a longer time in the country and attend more concerts should consider getting a Turkey visa. The Prodigy, Foals, Interpol, The Lumineers, Cigarettes After Sex and Asaf Avidan are also expected to perform.

Taylor Swift

As one of the most popular artists in the world, a legitimate cultural icon that has influenced the music industry in many ways and become one of the most influential musicians of the 21st century, getting a ticket to a Taylor Swift show can be quite challenging. However, the artist’s loyal fan base, collectively known as Swifties, has been known to be ready to pay anything just to secure a seat at a show.

The extraordinarily high demand and insufficient remaining tickets meant many orders couldn’t be met. As a result, some resellers have reportedly asked for as much as $40k for a ticket. For many social analysts, the events unfolding within the massive fandom have offered a scaled-down perspective on trends affecting the wider society.

In the aftermath of the pandemic and due to the threat of military conflict in Europe, the economy has taken several major hits, causing inflation to spike. However, even as experts warn about the very real possibility of a recession, many are ready to splurge on things they want, especially if they believe they’ve been denied access to it since 2020. Ticket-selling platforms have claimed that the issues with some fans losing their chance to buy a ticket have been due to the presence of bot attacks and the massive, sudden influx in traffic.

Swift is currently touring as part of The Eras Tour, the sixth of its kind for the singer. It commenced on March 17th in the United States and is set to end on August 17th in London, England. With 117 shows, the tour is a tribute to all of the artist’s studio albums so far, including “Lover,” “Folklore,” “Evermore” and “Midnights,” the first three of which couldn’t have their corresponding tours because of the Covid-19 health crisis.

Ed Sheeran

Another global superstar with a large fanbase, Ed Sheeran, is one of the most popular performers in the world. A large part of his appeal has been attributed to the fact his music can skip between the genres, incorporating a wide range of influences, ranging from pop and R&B to indie and folk. His third album, “Divide,” released in March 2017, became the best-selling worldwide for the entire year. The Record-breaking’ Shape of You” and “Castle on the Hill.” He is one of the most followed artists on Spotify and consistently in the top 3 with the most monthly listeners.

It’s also likely that many fans appreciate that Sheeran’s style is rather subdued and that his public image never gets in the way of enjoying his music. His social media, rather than distracting from the artistry, seeks to augment it. The current series of shows, the +–=÷× Tour, which is pronounced “The Mathematics Tour,” has been ongoing since April 23rd, 2022, and features three legs in Europe, North America and Oceania.

The Weeknd

The Canadian musician, songwriter and record producer has explored various music styles, including dark wave, alternative R&B, dance, synth-pop, and retro. The artist, who once toured as a supporting act for Florence and the Machine, Drake and Justin Timberlake during the early 2010s, has since become one of the most famous artists worldwide, and on July 14th, 2022, started his seventh concert tour in support of his latest albums, “After Hours” and “Dawn FM.” American singer Doja Cat was set to perform as an opening act, but this was later canceled due to the artist undergoing tonsil surgery.

There were concerts in Portugal, the Netherlands, Germany, England, Norway and Sweden in June, while July will continue with Ireland, Belgium, Spain, France and Italy. In August, The Weeknd will perform in Poland, the Czech Republic and Estonia, while the tour’s final leg, between September and October 2023, will take place in Latin America and include Colombia, Brazil, and Mexico. Peru and Argentina.


Beyonce’s contributions to music have made her one of the century’s most influential figures. All of her albums have released virtually universal acclaim from critics. At the same time, fans were hyped to welcome all of them and thoroughly analyze the themes, which are typically complex and include escapism, feminism, African-American culture, family relationships, forgiveness and hope. Although a pop star, Beyonce’s music contains many influences, including funk, gospel, soul, hip-hop, blues, rock and country.

The Renaissance World Tour began on May 10th and is set to conclude on September 27th, including 57 shows in total. In July, the artist will hold concerts in the United States and Canada, including in Toronto, Nashville, Chicago, Detroit, Charlotte, Atlanta, Vancouver, Houston and New Orleans.

Going to a concert is a unique experience no fan can miss. However, if your favorite is top-rated, you’ll want to be quick to secure a spot at a show.