PDF Wizardry: Insert, Customize, Apply, and Remove Watermarks with Ease


Mohit Kamboj

Today, text files, including PDFs and other documents, can easily be accessed. The ever-growing demand for information and streamlining of processes encourages users, companies, and businesses to protect their files each time. That said, it is significant for any process that is made to have a precautionary measure to prevent sensitive content from leaking. Whether it’s to apply or remove watermarks from PDFs, this article will discuss how you can utilize watermarking tools like Wondershare PDFelement for your documents.

What Is the Wondershare PDFelement Platform?

Wondershare PDFelement is a powerful and robust PDF editing tool. Composed of AI-powered tools, including an editing platform that can redact, apply, and remove watermarks from PDFs. Additionally, PDFelement’s straightforward features enable users to streamline different document processes without compromising the security and privacy of content. To have a clearer view of the platform, here are some top-tier benefits when using PDFelement.

Form Creation and Editing

The platform simplifies the creation and editing of interactive PDF forms. You can easily add and customize various form elements such as text fields, buttons, checkboxes, and more, making it a powerful tool for form-related tasks.

Secure Document

PDFelement empowers you to enhance document security by offering features such as password protection, digital signatures, and redaction. These tools help safeguard your PDF documents and ensure they remain confidential and secure.


With PDFelement, you can effortlessly manage watermarks in your PDFs. This versatile tool allows you to add, customize, and remove watermarks, giving you full control over the visual elements of your documents.

Using PDFelement To Apply, Customize, and Remove Watermarks

PDFelement’s watermarking features provide users with a range of options for managing watermarks in their PDF documents:

Adding Watermarks

PDFelement allows you to insert watermarks into your PDFs. This can be useful for branding your documents, marking them as confidential, or adding specific information, such as draft status or copyright notices.


You have the flexibility to customize your watermarks. This includes choosing the text or image to be used as the watermark, adjusting its size, position, opacity, and rotation, and selecting the font and color. This customization ensures that your watermarks suit your document’s needs.

Text and Image Watermarks

PDFelement supports both text and image watermarks. You can use text to add labels, headings, or notes, or you can incorporate images such as logos or stamps for a professional touch.

Page-Level Watermarks

You can apply watermarks to individual pages or the entire document, offering precise control over where the watermark appears.

Removing Watermarks

If you no longer need a watermark in your document, PDFelement provides a simple method to remove it, ensuring your PDF remains clean and professional.

By offering these watermarking features, PDFelement enables users to brand their documents, enhance security, and maintain a professional appearance, all while giving them the flexibility to customize and manage watermarks with ease.

PDFelement Watermark Removal Methods

PDF watermark remover tools like PDFelement feature processes that are both efficient and intuitive. This section will talk about the two methods you can use to remove watermarks on your documents or PDF files.

Using Wondershare PDFelement Watermark Tool

Step 1: Access PDFs with Watermarks

  • Begin by installing and running PDFelement on your device. Then, click on “Open PDF” to bring in a PDF document containing a watermark.

Step 2: Eliminate Watermarks from PDFs

  • After you’ve opened the PDF in PDFelement, the watermark will be ready for editing. Navigate to the above Watermark menu and select “Remove Watermark” to erase it from the document.

pdfelement watermark tool

pdfelement watermark tool

Step 3: Modify PDF (Optional)

  • At this point, you can make additional edits to the PDF file. This may include copying text from the PDF, altering text or images within the document, converting the PDF to different formats, and more.

remove all watermark pdfelement

PDFelement stands out as remarkable software that provides a seamless experience for managing watermarks in your PDF files. It empowers you with the choice to effortlessly add text, images, or file watermarks to your documents, as well as the ability to easily remove existing watermarks with just a few clicks.

Using Microsoft Word Watermark Tool

Microsoft Word, the universally acclaimed word-processing software, not only facilitates the insertion of images and graphics into your documents from your local storage or via its built-in graphics but also offers the capability to eliminate watermarks from PDF files. Here’s how you can do it:

Step 1: Convert PDF to Word

  • To begin, convert your PDF documents to Word format. You can employ PDFelement or an online PDF-to-Word converter for this task.

Step 2: Enable Editing in Microsoft Word

  • Open the converted Word file in Microsoft Word. You may encounter a notification regarding compatibility; review it and click the “OK” button. Subsequently, click “Enable Editing.”

microsoft word watermark remover

Step 3: Remove the Watermark

  • Now, navigate to the Ribbon area and select “Design.” In the top right corner, locate the “Watermark” option. Once there, move to the bottom right of your screen and click “Remove Watermark.”
  • You will then need to click on the watermark itself and either press the “Delete” key on your keyboard or right-click and choose the “Delete” option. This action will effectively eliminate the watermark from your PDF document.


To summarize, PDFelement offers a powerful and flexible solution to remove watermark from PDF documents. Nevertheless, it’s crucial to acknowledge the vital role of watermarking in PDFs. Watermarking serves multiple functions, including branding, enhancing document security, and safeguarding copyright. With its effective watermark management features, PDFelement guarantees that your PDFs are not only professionally customized but also well-protected, establishing it as an indispensable tool for both individuals and businesses.