The Most Popular Kawaii Plushie Characters and Their Stories


Sandeep Singh

If you love cute, cuddly, and colorful plushies, then you definitely want to get familiar with the most popular kawaii characters in history! From soft and squishy woodland creatures to cheerful fruits and vegetables, these adorable characters come from a variety of different stories that each have something special about them.

Whether you are looking for some inspiration for your own plushie creations or just need an excuse to add more “kawaii” into your life, this blog post is sure to provide hours of fun learning about all the unique personalities behind each popular character. Get ready to dive into a world of delightful escapism filled with witty one-liners and sprightly adventures – where being stylishly cuddly is always in style!

The World of Kawaii Plushies

Welcome to the world of kawaii plushies! From Unicorns to Rainbows, Dragons to Narwhals, and all sorts of other delightful creatures in between, these cuddly plush toys are sure to make you smile. Each one has its own personality with bright colors and soft materials that ensure you have a huggable good time.

Whether you’re looking for a special something for yourself or to give as a gift, there’s no better way to bring joy than with a Kawaii Plushie! Grab one today from Mewaii and start exploring the unique world of adorable friends.

1. Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty is one of the most popular kawaii plushie characters of all time. Created in 1974 by Sanrio, Hello Kitty is a white anthropomorphic cat with a red bow and no mouth. She is depicted in various outfits and poses and has become a global icon with merchandise ranging from clothes, bags, accessories, and of course, plushies.

2. Pikachu

Pikachu is a popular kawaii plushie character from the Pokemon franchise. This yellow, electric-type mouse is the mascot of the franchise and has been a fan favorite since the release of the first Pokemon game in 1996. Pikachu’s popularity has led to the creation of countless merchandise, including plushies, clothing, and toys.

3. Totoro

Totoro is a lovable character from the animated film, “My Neighbor Totoro.” Created by Studio Ghibli, Totoro is a large, furry creature with a big smile and cat-like ears. Totoro has become a beloved character, and his plushies are highly sought after by fans of all ages.

4. Rilakkuma

Rilakkuma is a popular kawaii plushie character from Japan. Created by San-X, Rilakkuma is a brown bear who loves to relax and take things easy. He is often depicted lounging around in his pajamas or enjoying a cup of tea. Rilakkuma’s laid-back personality has made him a popular character among fans.

5. Meet Tarepanda

Meet Tarepanda, the irresistibly cute and cuddly plush bear who loves to take naps. This 9-inch tall Japanese icon is the perfect companion for anyone looking for an extra dose of comfort and cuteness in their life. Tarepanda may be sleepy, but that doesn’t keep him from being full of energy! His bright eyes and sweet smile give off an innocent yet energetic vibe which is sure to bring joy whenever he’s around.

Plus, with his soft fur, you can cuddle with him in bed during your own naps! So if you ever need a best friend to keep you company, look no further than Tarepanda and his nap-filled adventures.

6. Kawauso the Otter

Kawauso the Otter Plush is the perfect companion for anyone looking for a sweet and playful friend. This cuddly otter was designed to provide comfort, fun activities, and companionship. Crafted with tenderness and designed with smiles, the Kawauso plush is sure to brighten up any day.

Its fluffy exterior is irresistible to hug and with its soft fillings, it’ll easily become your best pal in no time! Bring this adorable aquatic creature home today and get ready for countless adventures, belly laughs, and great stories!

7. Gudetama

Gudetama plush toys have become the must-have item for those who love a little cute Japanese comedy in their lives. These adorable egg-shaped creatures from Sanrio have taken the world by storm, capturing fans with their remarkable talent for humor, making it impossible not to smile as you look at them. Made with soft materials and fine details, Gudetama plushies are sure to give any egg-loving person plenty of snuggles and TLC. Whether it is just to add some more fun to your home, or something special for someone special, they make great companions – perfect for laughs and cuddles!

8. Keroppi the Frog

Keroppi the Frog Plush is the perfect companion for any child or adult who loves to explore! Whether you’re looking for a snuggly, adventurous buddy or just a bright and cheerful addition to your home, this plush frog definitely fits the bill.

Keroppi is always ready with an enthusiastic greeting and under his care fun and adventure will never be too far away. He makes a fantastic addition to any bedroom, living room, or play area; adding some magic and whimsy that is sure to bring plenty of smiles.

9. My Melody Plush

Who doesn’t know and love My Melody? She’s the cute little white bunny that brings joy wherever she goes! Her bright pink ribbons and warm smile are sure to put a smile on anyone’s face. My Melody plush is the perfect companion to take along on any adventure, whether it’s a trip to the park, or a cozy night nestled in for a movie marathon.

With her sweet personality, no one can resist cuddling up with a My Melody plush and feeling the warmth of her exceptional love radiating their way.


From Tarepanda to My Melody, Kawaii plushies are taking over the world! These cute and cuddly characters bring a unique level of comfort and entertainment. Whether you’re Tarepanda who wants nothing more than to take a nap, Kawauso who loves to explore the outdoors, Gudetama who would love some extra attention, Keroppi who encourages fun and adventure, or My Melody spreading joy where she goes – there’s something special for everyone and all you can get at Mewaii.

Even if they aren’t typically found at your local toy store, these Kawaii characters are just a few clicks away waiting for someone to shower them with love. Get your very own Kawaii plushie today!