GTA 6 main character: here are the list of All Characters


Mohit Kamboj

GTA 6 is the highly anticipated instalment of the much-loved Grand Theft Auto series. Even though the game will be released in 2025 according to the recent announcements from the game developers, the players have not stopped speculating about the features of the game, and the excitement does not seem to die down at all.

The players still want to know all the details and leaks that they can get their hands on before the game is released. When the game release is scheduled for so far in the future, you have to make do with the information that you have. The most anticipated information that the players are looking for is about the GTA 6 main characters. All the fans of the popular gaming series understand the importance of characters in the game as this is an important and integral part of the storyline of the game.

In this article, we will shed light on all the important aspects of the GTA6 main characters and what you can anticipate from the 2025 launch.

The official announcements for GTA 6 main characters

Rockstar Games just dropped the trailer for GTA 6 and it is going to release in 2025. Well, the trailer is amazing. What we can notice from the trailer is that there are going to be two main characters in this instalment of the game. One of them is a female, one of them is a male and they also seem to have a romantic relationship.

GTA 6 is also set in the state of Leonida. This is where the entire storyline will take place for the next instalment of Grand Theft Auto.

GTA 6 main character: here are the list of All Characters

The name of the Female Lead is Lucia and the name of the Male lead character is Jason. According to what we have noticed from the trailer, there are also going to be many side characters in the game.

We will discuss all the character troops that we know till now in the next section of this article. Let’s see what you can expect from each character in the game.

The character tropes for GTA 6

While the launch of GTA 6 is still very far away as it is going to be released in 2025, and there is almost more than a year to look forward to before the launch, there are many things that the players are already in anticipation of.

One such information that prayers are scrambling for is the character tropes for GTA 6 and what can they expect from different characters. This has only heightened after the drop of the trailer, in which we can see a very immersive experience with the characters and the storyline.

We can say that the game trailer delivered exactly what it had promised. Two main leads have the most screen time in the trailer but you also see the glimpses of some side characters.

Here is a list of all the characters that we have identified in the trailer so far.

GTA 6 main character: here are the list of All Characters

  • Lucia: The Latina female lead and one of the two important characters of the game. She is very essential for the storyline and will most likely have access to most of the resources in the game as a character. She has a common goal of achieving success through notoriety while sharing amazing chemistry with the male lead.
    Lucia has a backstory that defines her existence emerging from the streets of Vice City. Her character is fiery and ambitious and we see her shoulder most of the action in the trailer even without the male lead at times. This will be an interesting character to get to know when the game drops.

GTA 6 main character: here are the list of All Characters

  • Jason: The Male lead is seen a little later in the trailer but does he arrive with a bang? Also, Yes. His character is designed to be more of an enigmatic figure in the story and he also seems to have a tragic backstory that he is trying to run from. We do not get a clear idea of his motivations from the trailer but we can say that the skills and experience of the character will be great to see in the final game launch. His relationship with Lucia in the game’s storyline will also be an interesting trope to follow.
  • Dale: This is a seasoned character and is introduced as a guide to the character of Lucia.
  • Chester: This character is designed as a master of technology. In the digital world where the crimes start at screens, he is a great character to explore and we can expect him to have an extended role in the series.
  • Danny: A Drug lord and designed to be a ruthless character. It is a character that works as an opposing force to Lucia and Jason in the series. While the theme of the game is crime we are still rooting for the main characters therefore, Danny can be hailed as the antagonist of the series.
  • Iris: This is a character whose motivations are still under wraps. She is a mysterious character and has connections to the underworld.
  • Shanese: A skilled getaway driver is the need of the storyline when the two dynamic leads are always on the run. This character is a perfect side character helping the duo escape from the escapades they engage in.

Final Words

The GTA 6 main characters are not completely revealed yet. The game is still under development and the characters are also going to be replaced and added as the work on the storyline progresses. With more than a year to go for the game release, we can only anticipate looking at the latest trailer launch.

The 7 characters that we have mentioned above were seen in the amazing trailer of the game and will enhance the storyline with their unique skills and talents. This is what we can look forward to. The two main characters Lucia and Jason have the most screen time in the trailer and that will also be true when the game launches. All we can say right now is, to strap in and wait for the game to launch.