Top 3 Chinese EV Charging Operators Join In Building China’s Most Extensive Interoperable Network, Cutting Off KuaiDian App, An Affiliate Of NaaS (NASDAQ: NAAS)


Mohit Kamboj

On August 17, TLD, Star Charge, and YKC, China’s top 3 EV charging network operators, announced jointly building China’s largest interoperable EV charging network to promote a more convenient and reliable charging experience for EV fleets and drivers nationwide.

The EV Charging Infrastructure Promotion Association of China (EVCIPA) data suggests that, as of July 2023, TLD, Star Charge, and YKC operate 1.2 million public EV charging outlets in aggregation, representing 54.2% of China’s EV charging market share.

In the meantime, the three operators stopped the interoperable cooperation with Kuaidian Charging APP respectively. Based on public information, KuaiDian is a strategic partner of NaaS, providing the third-party charging network to NaaS. The above mentioned event implies the network scale of NaaS may have shrunk by 70% per estimation.