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Who Is Squirrel On Masked Singer? Is Malin Akerman Behind The Squirrel Mask?


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Who Is Squirrel On Masked Singer? Find out everything you need to know about the mysterious singer, including clues, performances, and possible identities. Before the big revelation, participate in the debate and offer your own predictions. Don’t miss an episode of this well-liked reality TV series, and keep up with all the most recent rumors and spoilers.

Discover The Squirrel On Masked Singer

The identity of Squirrel was revealed in a performance that aired on “The Masked Singer” on March 8th, and we have spoilers for that performance. We assume that Squirrel is Malin Akerman, a gifted actress, singer, composer, and model, based on the hints provided. If you disagree with our theory, think about how Malin Akerman‘s life narrative and the performance’s clues match.

What Happened On The Latest Episode Of Masked Singer?

The Masked Singer introduced three new competitors on March 8 at 8:00 PM ET, Squirrel, Wolf, and Gargoyle, whose identities had not yet been made public. With a chance to advance to the next round of the competition, the three faced off against one another.

Squirrel dazzled the crowd with her vocals and charisma when she sang two songs, P!nk’s “Try” in the solo round and 3 Doors Down’s “Kryptonite” in the battle royale round. After the two challenges, Squirrel defeated the other competitors and proceeded to the next round without a mask.

What Are Clues Squirrel Spilled On Masked Singer?

During Wednesday’s DC Superheroes Night, a brand-new character named the Squirrel was unveiled. The Squirrel begins her clue package by revealing that she once had aspirations to compete in the Olympics and was a professional figure skater when she was young. She also admits that she had considered pursuing a career as a child psychologist.

The Squirrel continues by revealing that she has worked as a model for well-known agencies, made appearances in teen acne advertisements, landed parts in foreign sitcoms, and even kissed Tom Cruise.

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Squirrel was dressed in a dark blue bodysuit and high-heeled boots during her appearance. In the clues included a squirrel falling out of a tree, a clothing rack, a pin with a yellow smiley face, a castle, a gorilla asking for her autograph, and meatballs.

How Do Clues Indicate Malin Akerman Is Squirrel?

The meatballs referenced in the passage represent Akerman’s Swedish ancestry. She has also previously spoken about her experience as a figure skater and even shared an old photo of herself in that capacity. She originally intended to major in child psychology, but as her modeling and acting careers took off, she decided to leave school.

Akerman’s signed contract with the skincare company Noxzema served as a highlight of her early modeling success. She then began acting, landing parts in both American and Canadian TV productions.

Who Is Squirrel On Masked Singer

The remaining hints in the box seem to be connected to particular roles that Akerman has held in the past. Her role in the movie Harold & Kumar is perhaps referenced by the allusion to White Castle. One of her earliest acting performances was in the movie Go to White Castle. She mentions kissing Tom Cruise, which took place in the motion picture Rock of Ages.

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It’s possible that the gorilla in the package is a reference to her 2018 movie Rampage, in which she starred with a large Albino Western Lowland Gorilla. There is also a reference to “billions of bombshells” in the box, which might be a reference to her appearance in the first few seasons of Showtime’s Billions.

Akerman’s clues suggest a connection to her role in the superhero film Watchmen, which is fitting given that it was Superheroes Night. The fact that she was dressed like a hero is also a clear indication. Additionally, the smiley face button is a well-known symbol in the Watchmen universe, which further supports this theory

What Do We Know About Malin Akerman?

Actress, model, singer, and songwriter Malin Akerman is well-known for her roles in the hit movies The Proposal, Couples Retreat, Rock of Ages, and Wanderlust. She was born in Stockholm, Sweden, and holds citizenship in four different nations: the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, and Sweden.

Who Is Squirrel On Masked Singer

Akerman previously wed the musician Roberto Zincone of Italian descent for six years before their separation in 2013. She is currently wed to actor Jack Donnelly.

Akerman has received numerous awards in recognition of talent and hard work, including the 2009 Golden Schmoes Awards and nominations for the Teen Choice Awards, Saturn Awards, Fangoria Chainsaw Awards, and Fright Meter Awards.

Spoilers About Masked Singer

We won’t know for sure if our guess that Squirrel is Malin Akerman is correct until she is revealed. This will happen either when she loses a vote and is eliminated or when she wins the competition.

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