Who Is Jacob Elordi Dating: Things You Need to Know!


David Mudd

At the moment, Jacob Elordi is one of the most well-known faces on television. His towering height, great acting abilities, and endearing Australian accent helped the actor swiftly gain international recognition (and it’s not hard to understand why, when you take a look at the man himself).

As a result of the release of Euphoria season two, there has been a resurgence of interest in Elordi, both on and off the screen. I’m talking about whether or not he’s single. Which is more appealing to him: blondes or brunettes?

Who Is Jacob Elordi Dating

Fortunately, we have the answers to both questions further down on this page. Continue reading as we dissect the actor’s dating history to date and answer the burning question on everyone’s lips: Is he still available?

Early Life

Elordi was born on June 26, 1997, to John and Melissa Elordi in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. He comes from a Basque family.  He comes from a large family with three elder sisters. In Melbourne, he went to St. Kevin’s College; in Brisbane, he went to St. Joseph’s College.


During Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, Elordi gained his first hands-on experience on a Hollywood film set as an extra. His debut acting job was in the Australian film Swinging Safari, in which he played the part of Rooster, which was released in 2018. Earlier this year, Elordi gained national attention for his role as Noah Flynn in the Netflix romantic comedy The Kissing Booth, which was released in May 2018.

He repeated his role in the sequel The Kissing Booth 2, which was shot in Cape Town during the middle of 2019 and is scheduled for release in July 2020.  On top of that, he appeared in The Kissing Booth 3, the third installment in the series, which was published on Netflix on August 11, 2021.

After starring in the horror film The Mortuary Collection, Elordi moved on to the HBO television series Euphoria, where he would portray Nate Jacobs.

Olivia Jade (December 2021-January 2022)

Elordi has lately been spotted on a number of occasions with influencer Olivia Jade, according to reports. In December 2021, they were spotted on a date in Los Angeles, which led to their first public association. People magazine said at the time that a source informed the outlet that Olivia and Jacob were “casually dating.” Another insider told US Weekly that the couple had “gone on a few of dates,” but that they were “keeping it casual” at the moment.

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In addition to insider confirmation, sources had been streaming into DeuxMoi’s email, with one claiming to have seen the duo “looking paired up at Hyde,” where they apparently sat in a booth between 1:30-3 am. DeuxMoi has yet to respond to the source’s allegation. After that, they were photographed “eating lunch together” at a Los Angeles cafe the following day.
Jacob announced his separation from model Kaia Gerber after one year of dating just a few days before the rumor of a possible relationship surfaced. Olivia had also just ended her romance with Jackson Guthy, with whom she has been in an on-again, off-again relationship since 2019.
While we had previously placed him in the ‘coupled-up’ category as a result of this news, it appears that we may be able to move him out of that category.

Olivia was photographed going out of a West Hollywood hotel with a tall, brunette mystery man who was clearly not Jacob in late January 2022. In the meanwhile, the Australian hottie is back in his own country, enjoying a well-earned holiday and meeting up with friends and family. So, does this suggest that we have a very good chance of winning on home soil? That’s what we’d say.

Kaia Gerber (2020-2021)

Jacob and Kaia were photographed on a date at Nobu in September 2020, which fuelled dating rumors about them. According to a source who spoke to E! News at the time, the couple was dating at the time “have a large number of mutual acquaintances and have spent a lot of time together in the past They both have extremely laid-back attitudes and have a wide range of interests.

In addition to making Kaia giggle, Jacob is well-liked by her entire family.”Their romance was formally verified a month later when they were seen kissing in public. The next day, on Valentine’s Day, Kaia posted an Instagram story of the roses she had gotten from Jacob, which went viral. In May 2021, Kaia chatted with Vogue about their relationship, providing an intimate peek into their extremely quiet life together.

Who Is Jacob Elordi Dating

“A secure, consistent relationship like that, where I can be with someone I trust and we don’t want anything in return, has truly opened my eyes to the possibilities of love and what it feels like to love unconditionally. Lust is the act of touching or wanting another person, while love is the act of truly seeing someone “According to her, she told the newspaper.

Unfortunately, the couple announced their separation in November 2021, with a source telling E! News that it was a mutually agreeable decision. Another insider, who spoke with Life & Style, stated that their “conflicted” schedules were the root of their separation. “Because their schedules were in conflict, they didn’t get to spend much time together. It appeared as though they were traveling backward rather than forwards, which was why it wasn’t working “They revealed this to the news outlet.

Zendaya (2019-2020)

When Zendaya and Jacob were spotted together on vacation in Greece, fans of the show were in a tizzy with excitement. An insider was eager to alert US Weekly that they ‘appeared to be getting a touch intimate,’ according to the source. They were strolling with each other and flirting with each other at one point.”
Upon their return to the United States, they were seen together for the first time in October 2019, at the Sherman Oaks Galleria in California, for a movie date. Later, in November, they embarked on a joint trip to Australia to pay a visit to Jacob’s relatives. Jacob, on the other hand, surprised fans in December when he referred to Zendaya as his “sister” in an interview with the magazine GQ Australia.

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“She’s like a sister to me.” You should know that Zendaya is a fantastic artist. “It’s a pleasure to collaborate with her,” he told the newspaper.
Another surprise for fans came in February 2020, when the couple was seen kissing in New York City, sending them into a tailspin yet again. Jacob and Kaia were last seen together in March 2020, around six months before Jacob’s first confirmed date with Kaia took place.

Joey King (2017-2018)

Jacob and Joey first met on the set of the 2017 film The Kissing Booth. As King describes it, the two grew extremely close very soon. In an interview with the magazine Bello, she stated: ” “I thought he was quite cute when we first met, but it was really just a friendship in the beginning. We started chatting about nasty stuff with each other almost immediately.

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But it didn’t take long for me to realize, ‘Hey, I believe I might like this person after all!'”While there has been no official confirmation of when their relationship began, King said to Seventeen that she began to see him as more than a buddy around a month into filming in 2017. In April 2017, Elordi and King made their relationship public on Instagram by uploading a selfie of the two of them at the Hollywood sign.

King made her Instagram debut in June when she shared a birthday message to the actor in honor of his birthday. Unfortunately, when the couple separated, they took down all internet proof of their connection. Because of a paucity of social media postings since November 2018, followers began to speculate about the couple’s relationship state.

Who Is Jacob Elordi Dating

On November 14th, Elordi stated that he would be on a social media hiatus, and the following day, King tweeted, “Thank god I have my puppy tho.” The couple never confirmed their relationship publicly, but their secret separation was made evident when they unveiled The Kissing Booth 2, in which neither celebrity made any reference to the other star. Amidst all of the unpleasantness, they kept their professionalism and returned to shoot a second and third installment in the franchise before laying it to rest permanently.