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Small Town News: KPVM, Pahrump


David Mudd

Small Town News KPVM, Pahrump is a docu-series that tells the story of a local broadcast TV news channel of Pahrump, Nevada.The USA. The documentary allows us a peek inside the behind-the-camera moments of the cast and crews, their challenges, journey and basically how things have changed for the small town broadcast tv stations. 

The Journey Began 

This six-episode docuseries, with each episode lasting for 30 — minutes, is executive produced by Emmy winning filmmakers Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato. Both Bailey and Barbato decided to launch this docuseries back when they were working on Heidi Fleiss: The Would-Be Madam of Crystal. They did not have much luck finding an interested network. Later on, principal photography began in 2020.  In 2021 it was declared that HBO would distribute the series, with Bailey and Barbato becoming executive producers. The series, hence, is produced under their banner, the world of wonder. 

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The Challenge of Small Town News: KPVM, Pahrump 

With the launch of various big news networks, digital news services and streaming services, it has been a tough journey for the local and independently owned news stations. The Team of KPVM, though, continues their journey and hope to achieve their dreams. We can’t probably imagine the courage it takes for the local small station to even continue the business, let alone dream. The KPVM does it beautifully and with grace. 

The Dream 

showcasing the main leads of Small Town News: KPVM, Pahrump
Starring the main actors from Small Town News: KPVM, Pahrump

Vernon Van Winkle, the owner of the channel, has big dreams. He wants his Chanel to be a part of the Las Vegas Television market. His team too is trying to come up with new ideas for advertisements to increase the revenue of the channel. At the same time, they realize that they need to erect a new tower to provide a better broadcasting signal. 

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2020 Election Scoop 

When the election season arrived in 2020, the channel did its best to create a blazing political debate. We live in an age when divisive politics and the national media’s role to enhance it and capitalize on the disagreement to gain viewers do not surprise anyone.  This is where KPVM  stands to make a difference. They encourage diversity and differences of opinion. Their integrity to promote true news and not delicious gossip is to be honoured and respected. 

Why do we love Small Town News: KPVM, Pahrump 

a glimpse from Small Town News: KPVM, Pahrump
Featuring a still from Small Town News: KPVM, Pahrump

The docuseries is a loving depiction of a small-time news Network that started its journey in 1997. The series shows the dedication and devotion with which the team works. Their love and loyalty for their community are beautiful and committed. 

Secondly, the series is not at all pre-scripted. It provides you with the live feed of how things in a new channel work, down to the moment of going live.  Every close moment, the jokes, the ” Gimme a moment “, ” Can’t find  my pages”, ” Have you seen the dog?”  — you get to watch a completely unfiltered routine of a closely-knit family who cannot imagine doing anything else. 

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The Team / The cast of Small Town News: KPVM, Pahrump 

the cast of Small Town News: KPVM, Pahrump
Featuring the amazing cast of Small Town News: KPVM, Pahrump

People working for the station are not crew members. They are family. They support each other and they share each other’s fear too. Deane O Connell is the New Director and she does the vacuum and the dishes. The studio even has chickens and dogs all of which she feeds! Lunette Gentry is a co-anchor with a “resting smile face.” Darbie O’Donnell(Deana’s daughter)and Missey Kohler are field reporters at KPVM. Missey‘s husband John Kohler is the “fun-loving” weatherman at the station, who seems to rake fun part way too seriously. Janet Errett and MarieAAldridgeed are account executives at KPVM and Ubaldo Alvarado Jr. is the studio operations manager.

They all share their love for what they do and openly express their fears as well. Honesty is refreshing indeed.

Vern Winkle

Rhonda Winkle 

Deanna O’Donnell

Ennui Gentry 

John Koehler 

Ubabalo Alvarado

Memorie Aldrich 

Available on 

The show is available on HBO and HBO Max

Release date of Small Town News: KPVM, Pahrump 

The series was released on 2 and August 2021. 


We have always known how hard it is to make a name, especially when the small town tag comes free. Chances are, you have never imagined that Pahrump is a place in the U.S. This is KPVM’  battle to rise and shine in its light of integrity and community pride and solidarity. This is Pahrump’s battle too, for the same reasons.

Be a proud supporter of their journey. Watch their story and share your views. Let us know how you feel about it.