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Shocking! Lloyd Morrisett of ‘Sesame Street’ Passed Away At the Age of 93

Lloyd Morrisett has always been one of the top reformers of the entertainment world. Loyd, the co-founder of Sesame Street, who has always desired to bring some innovations towards the betterment of society, has done. 

At the age of 93, the celebrity died of natural causes. The last ceremony for his death was held in San Diego. His daughter told in an interview with The Hollywood reporter.

He is known for his idea that served television as a way of teaching young kids and innovating their idea with a lot of new things. 

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During the same interview with his daughter, the interviewer asked what all of us would have done without her dad, she replied, “I guess we’d all be stupider.”

Morrisett is known as an experimental educator who dreams of teaching the students the best way. During his old times, he used to run several nonprofits Carnegie Corp. of New York, and Joan Ganz Cooney, a producer for a New York public TV station. 

In March 1968, he began the driving forces behind the Children’s Television Workshop.

In one interview, he revealed by saying, “Something was fascinating about it,” he told Karen Herman in a 2004 conversation for the TV Academy Foundation website The Interviews. “What is a child doing watching a station identification signal, what does this mean? I didn’t know.

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“I said, ‘Joan, do you think television could be used to teach young children?’ Her answer was, ‘I don’t know, but I’d like to talk about it.’”

“Without Lloyd Morrisett, there would be no Sesame Street,” Cooney said in a statement. ”It was he who first came up with the notion of using television to teach preschoolers basic skills, such as letters and numbers.”

In addition to his daughters, survivors include his wife, Mary, and granddaughters Frances and Clara.

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“He and Joan Ganz Cooney defined the gold standard for a whole genre of television,” National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences president & CEO Adam Sharp said. “Today, the original Sesame Street audience can share the delight of his creation with their grandkids, who will undoubtedly share the experience with yet more generations as his impact long endures.”

Fans mourned his death of him on the social media platform. One person wrote,Lloyd Morrisett, who co-founded the Children’s Television Workshop, Sesame Street, and The Electric Company, has died at 93. On behalf of several generations who you taught us the right stuff – regardless of age, background, or ethnicity – thank you.”

We know that he has given more than enough to the people and society. The man has already reformed eduactiona and helped the kids to read and write and learn the aspects of life. One person wrote, “Today’s Muppet GIF of the Day is dedicated to the memory of Lloyd Morrisett, co-founder of the Children’s Television Workshop (now known as Sesame Workshop) and one of the creators of Sesame Street. Our favorite street wouldn’t have existed without his vision. RIP Dr. Morrisett.”

Sherrie Westin, one of the famous personality also shareda heartful message on Twitter which quote, “at the loss of Lloyd Morrisett, the Co-Founder of CTW, now @SesameWorkshop & simply the dearest man. He believed deeply in the educational power of media & as his partner in crime, Joan Ganz Cooney always said, “without Lloyd there would be no @sesamestreet!”

Another person wrote, “It is with great sadness to hear that Lloyd Morrisett, the co-creator of Sesame Street, passed away at the age of 93. Having worked alongside Jim Henson, his lifetime of work with Sesame Street will never go unforgotten. R.I.P Lloyd Morrisett 1929-2023”

People are deeply saddened over the death of him. They are praying for his health and life. We also hope that he rests in peace.

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