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David Mudd

PS5: This Is How The Concept Design Looks Like – A Nintendo Inspired Retro Look

Play Station, The ever-shining portable gaming console of Sony is planning to make the PS5 edition more special. They say the console will have a surprising shape when it launches later this year. Play Stations remains rectangular since the launch of the first-ever console in 1994.


Rumors are flying around with the concept design of Sony’s most secrete upcoming release. If the reports are true, the Play Station 5 will have Nintendo inspired structure to it. New dev kits of Play Station 5 looks entirely different from the traditional console and have an entirely different structure.

Design Concept By Developers

Many 3D artists and game developers shared their designs on PS5. Paul Robinson, a 3D artist who posted his cubical shaped consoles on Twitter. However, dev kits cannot take as the final word in designing. Earlier when PS4 released, dev kits were enormously bigger than actual console. The company has not given any hint on the real design of PS5.

Few months before there was a rectangular console look got attention in news. Those designs were skinnier than the Sonys classic Play Station designs. Some news came out with unattractive spherical designs too.


Final Looks Of PS5

The biggest competitor for Play Station is Microsoft’s Xbox. The latest model in the Xbox series Xbox X  has already revealed its look. The new version looks like the computer towers which can be easily stored on a shelf. It does not need much space in the new design factor.

This will make it more difficult for Sony to decide on the design level unless it came with a more futuristic design. There is nothing to get surprised if the final product does not look like any of the concept models. From all the designs that came out in these days, thin rectangular shape makes more sense.