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Mission: Impossible 7 To Resume Shooting In September


David Mudd

Among many blockbusters affected by the coronavirus pandemic, Mission: Impossible 7 had to halt its production. The halt came back in March, but things seem to be picking up. The much-awaited sequel was originally set for a February shooting date; but the COVID-19 pandemic and quarantine emergencies led to plans being shifted. We are now learning that the film has a tentative start date.

Mission: Impossible 7’s assistant director Tommy Gormley was recently interviewed by BBC Radio 4’s Today He told them that he was “convinced” they could get back to work again within the next 3 months. The report originally appeared in Deadline.


Mission: Possible?

He added that they can wrap up the film in May 2021, which would put things starting back up in September. Though I’m not sure if there is enough for post-production; but in any case it’s nice to see things coming together.

Gormley said, “We hope to start shooting again in Fall. We were just days from shooting in Venice — we were right at the center of it when it all kicked off — and then we had to shut down in Venice where we were four or five days from shooting,” the assistant director said.

He mentioned that he is hopeful that shooting can commence in September. And that they plan to visit all the countries that they planned on visiting. A lot of shooting is also planned in the UK and in the backlot of a studio set. They are aiming for a September to April/May shoot plan.

The AD also added that the production guidelines were excellent; and though he admitted that there would be severe challenges because of the scale of the film, the size of the crew, and multiple locations. But he is convinced that they can do it if they break down all the procedures carefully.