Is Taron Egerton Gay? Exploring The View Of “Rocketman” Star Playing Gay Characters On Screen!


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People are still curious about is Taron Egerton Gay.  Taron Egerton, the lead actor in Rocketman, has been the subject of speculation about his s*xuality, but he clarified that he is not gay

. Even though a person’s s*xuality is a private matter, Taron Egerton, the lead actor in Rocketman, a biopic about Elton John, has been subjected to rumors about his s*xuality. However, he has officially revealed his romantic interests in an attempt to put an end to further discussions.

What Is Speculation Related To Taron Egerton Being Gay?

After Taron Egerton uploaded a picture of a male friend on Instagram, referring to him as “Cutie. My boy” with a heart emoji, his fans began to speculate about his s*xual orientation. They quickly responded with hundreds of Pride flags and comments expressing their support and admiration for what they believed to be a nonchalant coming out post.

Taron Egerton clarified that he did not come out as gay or bis*xual in his Instagram post, despite some media outlets speculating about it. Taron explained that he had posted a picture of a male friend with the caption “Look at this cutie”, but some outlets took it as a coming-out announcement.

is taron egerton gay

Taron added that he is not gay, but he had two friends who came out when he was 15 and he was happy to support them. He also mentioned that he and his friends are secure in who they are. Currently, Taron is promoting his new movie Robin Hood, which features actors such as Jamie Foxx, Ben Mendelsohn, and Tim Minchin, and is now showing in theaters.

Was “Rocketman” Star Taron Egerton On Removal Of The Gay S*x Scene?

Taron Egerton denied rumors that Paramount had tried to remove a gay s*x scene from the biopic “Rocketman”. Egerton stated that the rumors were false and that there is indeed a love scene in the film. He also mentioned that the extent of the scene has been exaggerated.

Egerton explained that the movie, Rocketman, is not a biography of Elton John, but rather a fantasy musical that uses the singer’s songs to convey key moments in his life. He mentioned that it would be enjoyable and not limited to Elton’s singing as there will be other characters singing too. Egerton discussed his preparation for singing Elton John’s songs in Rocketman, which is set to be released on May 24 2019.

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He mentioned that he has recorded some songs and has taken singing lessons to prepare for the role. Additionally, he said that his next step is to work on choreography and create a performance that resembles John’s style. From the trailer, it appears that he has already accomplished this.

Taron Egerton Shares His Views on Playing Gay Character

During an interview with The Telegraph to promote his new film Tetris, Taron Egerton shared his thoughts on two topics: his body type being unsuitable to play James Bond and actors’ ability to play gay characters regardless of their s*xuality.

is taron egerton gay

The Kingsman actor and Golden Globe winner spoke mostly about his projects beyond the Apple Original Film about the little-known Cold War battle behind one of the world’s most popular video games. This includes his acclaimed role as Elton John in Rocketman and his performance opposite Bridgerton’s Jonathan Bailey in Cock.

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Egerton also discussed the topic of whether straight actors should play gay characters, a debate that has been ongoing for a long time, given the historical exclusion of gay actors from both straight and gay roles in Hollywood.

Egerton, who played Elton John in Rocketman and starred in Cock, expressed his opinion that there should not be a blanket rule on this matter. He grew up in a liberal town and has close friends who are gay, which whom he feels an affinity. While he acknowledges that it is easy for him to say as a straight man, he believes that it may not be worth setting such a precedent.

Egerton Is Comfortable Playing Gay Roles On Screen

During a GQ interview in 2019, Egerton expressed that he felt the most comfortable when he played Elton John in Rocketman, despite not being gay. He shared that he felt like he fit in better with the people he met at a gay club compared to a football match, saying he was not someone

He further added that he approached the role wholeheartedly, hoping that people would accept him as Elton John. Egerton highlighted the inclusivity of the LGBTQ+ community and encouraged people to be a part of it.

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