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Hawkeye Season 2: Returning or Not For New Season?


David Mudd

When Hawkeye premiered on Disney+ in late 2021, Marvel fans fell head over heels in love with Kate Bishop right away. A lot of people were hoping to see more of her character after the Marvel Cinematic Universe series concluded with the airing of its last two episodes after the first two episodes. Unfortunately, it appears that Disney will not be renewing Hawkeye for a second season at this time.

‘Hawkeye’ Season 2 Could Be in Jeopardy Because of Disney:

Hawkeye Season 2

According to Variety, Disney is beginning to submit a number of its shows to the Emmys for consideration for the ceremony’s 2022 nominations. In addition, while the studio submitted Loki as a drama series, they classified Hawkeye and Moon Knight as limited series in their submission.

Given that Disney has already declared that Loki will return for a second season, it stands to reason that the show would compete in the drama series competition. The fact that the Emmys would classify Hawkeye as a limited series, on the other hand, spells doom for a second season. Of course, there have been shows, such as Big Little Lies, that have won Emmys as limited series and then returned for second seasons after winning the award.

There’s a chance that Hawkeye Season 2 will still take place in the future. However, the fact that Disney renewed Loki at the end of season 1’s finale and hasn’t said anything regarding Hawkeye’s future could imply that a second season will not be produced.

Hawkeye Season 1 Finale

Even if Hawkeye does not return for a second season, the show’s finale leaves the door open for further stories to be told about its characters.

In Hawkeye Episode 6, Clint Barton and Kate Bishop teamed up for the final time to take down Kingpin and the Tracksuit Mafia, and it was a triumph. A brawl erupted at Eleanor Bishop’s holiday party, during which Kazi attempted to assassinate Eleanor on behalf of Kingpin. Clint and Kate were forced to exit the celebration, where they came face to face with the Tracksuit Mafia. Kate managed to save her mother from Kingpin, who was rendered comatose by Kate’s trick arrows.

Hawkeye Season 2

Yelena Belova and Echo were also there during the battle, although they were there for different reasons. Echo wanted revenge for her father’s death, and Yelena sought to kill Clint because she believed he was responsible for her sister’s death. Echo was ultimately responsible for Kazi’s death, and she tracked down Kingpin following his confrontation with Kate. However, once the camera was pulled away from the villain and Echo, the audience heard a gunshot. The villain attempted to persuade his niece to spare him.

In the midst of their fight, Clint managed to persuade Yelena that Natasha had chosen to sacrifice herself in Avengers: Endgame. They became friends because of their mutual affection for Natasha, and then Yelena disappeared.

At the conclusion of the finale, Eleanor was apprehended and charged with the murder of Armand Duquesne III. Clint and Kate also spent the holiday season with his family. Even if there isn’t a second season of Hawkeye, there is little doubt that Marvel could tell additional Hawkeye stories.

No ‘Hawkeye’ Season 2? Will Hailee Steinfeld Return to Marvel?

Although Hawkeye Season 2 may not come to fruition, it does not rule out the possibility of Clint Barton, Kate Bishop, or Yelena Belova making a cameo appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Marvel characters routinely appear in several films and television episodes, so it’s possible that the Hawkeye heroes will appear in future Marvel Cinematic Universe ventures.

Hailee Steinfeld opened out about her upcoming role as Kate Bishop in the Marvel Cinematic Universe during an interview with Entertainment Tonight.

As the actor explained, “[Kate] is forced to confront the realities of what it means to be a superhero.” “There’s more to it than just jumping off buildings and making people smile. According to her, there is the possibility of collateral damage as a result of the situation.”

“However, that does not deter her.” Steinfeld continued. I believe it puts her off balance and changes her outlook, but it does not quench the burning desire she has to ultimately serve and protect others. She is well aware of her capabilities. And I believe that this alone will be sufficient to get us anywhere.”

On Disney+, you can now watch every episode of Hawkeye that has ever aired.

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