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Giannina Maradona? Latest Information!

Giannina Maradona is the youthful son of the lately passed Argentinian fabulous footballer, Diego Maradona. Maradona had 5 children Giannina, as mentioned over, is the youthful of them. Part of the Giannina Maradona’s fame comes from being Sergio Aguero’sex-wife, but not all of it.

 Is she celebrated for other effects? For sure. In this post, we’re to top data about Giannina Maradona. We ’ll let you know about Giannina Maradona body measures and height, Giannina Maradona net worth, Giannina Maradona social media accounts, and indeed her nonage.

 You may also find some information on Giannina Maradona particular life in this post and also get to know about her parents, too. In fact, for sure you know that who her father is, but we ’ll let you know about her mama too.

giannina maradona

 Who’s Giannina Maradona?

 Son to one of the world’s most notorious footballers, Giannina has always been in the public eye since her birth in May 1989.

 She’s the alternate child of Maradona and his woman Claudia Villafane, who were married between 1989 and 2004.

Giannina, whose aged family is Dalma, is a big personality in her native Argentina, boasting an Instagram following of over,000 and presently works as a fashion developer.

 Just days before her father’s end, she posted a number of fogy snaps including one of her and Maradona in a hut.

 Giannina- a keen Boca Inferiors addict- was bogged in a legal disagreement with her father three times agone , with the Argentina ace calling for his son to be jugged.

 Maradona claimed that his daughters andex-wife had stolen around£3.4 million from him.

 And back in June this time, she and family Dalma said they were prepared to” go to court” in an attempt to help his dependence to alcohol.

 Gianinna told Argentine TV “ I do n’t have to expose mydad.However, it’ll be in front of a judge, so it can be done judicially, If I do it.

” I would not mind having to show a judge prints and effects from that day, but not on the TV, to a judge.

” I do not tell him not to drink alcohol presently. But he does not enjoy it.

 That is the point, not enjoying having a beer.”

giannina maradona

 Early Life and Family

 Gianinna Maradona was born on May 16, 1989, in Argentina, to expert former Gray football player, trainer, and director Diego Maradona and his former woman , Claudia Villafañe.

 Maradona had married his long- time fiancée, Claudia, on November 7, 1984, in Buenos Aires.

 Gianinna grew up with her elder family, Dalma Nerea( born on April 2, 1987). Dalma is now a budding actor.

 Diego Maradona and Claudia disassociated in 2004. still, they remained musketeers indeed after the divorce. Claudia latterly came a theater patron.

 During the divorce, Maradona admitted he’d before sired a son, Diego Sinagra( born in Naples on September 20, 1986). Maradona had earlier refused to go through maternity tests and had claimed he wasn’t Sinagra’s father. still, the Italian courts ruled in Sinagra’s favor in 1993.

 In May 2003, Sinagra met Maradona for the first time at a golf course in Italy where Maradona had been playing. Sinagra is now a footballer and plays for Italy.

Giannina Maradona’s Bittersweet Relationship With Her Dad

 Though Giannina Maradona frequently posts old prints of herself with her father on her social- media biographies, theirs is a complicated relationship.

In late 2019, Giannina raised enterprises over Maradona’s health through a public social- media post, saying “ He’s not dying because his body has decided so, he’s getting killed from the inside and doesn’t realise it. ” She also prompted suckers to supplicate for him.

 In a analogous post latterly, she compared him to a boxed captain which had been sedated, intimating at the intermittent medicine and alcohol issues Maradona has been through all his life.

giannina maradona

 Responding to this, Maradona released a videotape mugged at his home in Argentina, claiming that he was “ not dying at each, ” and adding, “ I sleep peacefully because I ’m working. ” He also claimed that he was “ veritably healthy. ”

 Maradona also claimed that he’d not give away his hard- earned wealth to his children and would rather contribute it all.

Meeting Sergio Agüero a Tumultuous Marriage, a Son, and a Divorce

 Giannina Maradona got married to Argentine footballer Sergio Agüero in 2008. It’s believed they were introduced by Maradona.

 Giannina and Sergio had a son, Benjamín, on February 19, 2009, in Madrid. Maradona attended the birth of his grandson. Sergio, too, gave his club ‘ Atlético Madrid’s training session a miss that morning. The club latterly complimented him on the birth of his son.

 Giannina Maradona and Sergio, still, had a rocky marriage. They disassociated in 2012. Sergio, living up to his image of being a hunk, reportedly dated other women indeed while he was married.

Some sources, still, criticized Giannina’s “ party life ” for the split. Some believe Sergio was formerly involved with Argentine songster Karina Tejeda while he was married to Giannina. Others claim he began dating Karina after his split with Giannina.

 During their separation, Sergio was clicked holidaying with Karina, to which Giannina responded intimately on social media, saying “ It makes me veritably sad that having so numerous people around you, not one of them can tell you that your son comes first. ”

 Sergio was latterly called a “ wimp ” by Diego Maradona. Maradona indeed bartered out Sergio in a print that showed Sergio holding Benjamín in Maradona’s Dubai home, with his counsel, Matias Morla.

 Following the separation, Giannina Maradona took their son with her to Buenos Aires. Sergio latterly admitted to Argentine review ‘ Ole ’ that he was chancing it delicate to acclimate to his separation. He also claimed he’d been missing Benjamín.

giannina maradona

 On her 30th birthday, Giannina made an emotional post, saying although she had a “ dysfunctional, unorthodox, different but unique ” family, she’d not have lived her life in any other way. She added, “ I’m crazy at times, stubborn, good- natured and love my family unconditionally. ”

 Sergio formerly had to intervene an online wrangle between Giannina and Karina when it was contended that Benjamín had been disrespected by Sol, Karina’s son from a former relationship.

On Social Media

 Giannina Maradona is relatively popular on social media, especially on ‘ Instagram. ’ Her profile on the platform, “ giamaradona, ” has further than 551 thousand followers. She frequently posts prints of herself and her family. In December 2018, she set up herself in the middle of a contestation after posting a “ belfie ”( butt selfie) online.


 Giannina and Manchester City ace Sergio Aguero got hitched in 2008, in a private form.

 A time after their marriage, she gave birth to their son Benjamin in Madrid, where Aguero was also playing for Atletico.

 But after four times of marriage, the brace split in 2012.

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