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EastEnders: The Reason Behind Bobby Beale’s Collapse Might Leave You Astonished


David Mudd

As Indians, we are familiar with soap operas. But the fact is, not only us, but the British are also into it. EastEnders is one of them. Many things are going on in the show. One of them is Bobby Beale’s collapse. Here is the reason behind it that may astonish you.

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As I said, it is a British soap opera. Julia Smith and Tony Holland created the show. The show already crossed over 6,106 episodes!! EastEnders was first released on 19th February 1985. Since then it is going on. The show has many spin-off shows as well like EastEnders Revealed (1998-2012), EastEnders: E20 (2010-2011), etc.

EastEnders is one of the most controversial, top-rated series in Britain with many social taboo issues. Creator Tony used his upbringing in a large East End family as inspiration. He even some real names from his family for the sake of characters.


Casts Of EastEnders

Over these years, many characters are being included as well as excluded from the show. But still, we have the names of some of them.

  • Adam Woodyatt as Ian Beale
  • Gillian Taylforth as Kathy Beale
  • Peter Dean as Pete Beale
  • Wendy Richard as Pauline Fowler
  • Bill Treacher as Arthur Fowler
  • Bleu Landau as Dennis Rickman
  • Dayle Hudson as Peter
  • Clay Milner Russell as Bobby Beale, and all

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Reason Behind Bobby’s Collapse In EastEnders

In the show, we saw that Bobby had a night out with his friends. He had fun with Dotty, on who he has a crush, his brother Peter and Lola. Dotty only invited Peter, but Bobby sneak into the party even after his underage. This incident became worse when Bobby suddenly collapse on the dance floor. But the question is why that happened?



Bobby is not a normal kid. He killed his sister Lucy. He was also beaten up by thugs in the Square which caused him serious brain injury. So, it seems there is not any clear reason for the collapse. Although, previous brain injury could be a thing for this incident. However, its all are just assumptions. We need to wait for revealing the real reason.