Bridget Fonda Husband: All You Need To Know About Her Partner



Bridget Fonda and her husband Danny Elfman have been married since 2003. Read on to learn the details of their decades-long partnership.

Who Exactly Is Bridget Fonda?

Bridget Jane Fonda Elfman is an American actress who used to work. She was born on January 27, 1964. She is known for her parts in The Godfather Part III (1990), Single White Female (1992), Singles (1992), Point of No Return (1993), It Could Happen to You (1994), and Jackie Brown (1994). (1997). She is Peter Fonda’s daughter, Jane Fonda’s niece, and Henry Fonda’s granddaughter. Fonda was nominated for a Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actress for her role as Mandy Rice-Davies in the film Scandal (1989). She also did the voice of Jenna in the animated film Balto (1995), which also got her a nomination. Also, she was nominated for an Emmy Award for the TV movie “In the Gloaming” in 1997. She was also nominated for a Golden Globe Award for the TV movie “No Ordinary Baby” in 2001.

A Glimpse Of Her Early Life

Fonda was born in Los Angeles, California, to actors Henry Fonda, Peter Fonda, and Jane Fonda. Her mother is a painter. Bridget Hayward is Margaret Sullavan’s daughter. Mary Sweet married businessman Noah Dietrich.

Fonda’s parents split, and her father Peter later married Thomas McGuane‘s ex-wife, Portia Rebecca Crockett. She reared Bridget, her brother Justin, and older stepbrother Thomas McGuane Jr. in Los Angeles and Montana. Fonda attended Los Angeles’ Westlake Girls’ School.

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What About Her Profession?

Fonda started acting in a school performance of Harvey. She studied method acting at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts and graduated in 1986.

She made her film debut at age 5 (filmed at age 4) in Easy Rider (1969) as a child in Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper’s hippy commune. Her second (non-speaking) role was in Partners (1982). Scandal, You Can’t Hurry Love, and Shag were her 1988 cinematic debuts.

In 1990’s The Godfather Part III, she played a journalist. After obtaining theatre experience, she starred in Barbet Schroeder’s Single White Female and Cameron Crowe’s Singles (both 1992).

Point of No Return, a 1993 remake of Nikita, starring Fonda. Her “provocative, taunting boldness” was noted in The New Yorker. Quentin Tarantino offered her the role of Melanie in Jackie Brown in 1997. She starred in Lake Placid (1999) and apparently turned down the major part in Ally McBeal to focus on movies.

Kiss of the Dragon (2001) featured Fonda and Jet Li. The Whole Shebang was her last film. Her final part was in the 2002 TV movie Snow Queen; she hasn’t acted since.

bridget fonda husband

What About Her Family and Relationships?

Fonda and Stoltz started dating in 1990. The eight-year romance terminated.

She fractured a vertebra in an automobile accident in Los Angeles on February 27, 2003. She married film composer and former Oingo Boingo frontman Danny Elfman in November. 2005 brought them a son.

The Husband Of Bridget Fonda: Danny Elfman?

Danny Elfman was born in Los Angeles, California, on May 29, 1953. His parents were Polish Jews and his mother was Russian Jewish. The 68-year-old is a composer, singer, and songwriter who became famous with the new wave band Oingo Boingo in the 1980s. Tim Burton and Paul Reubens, both fans of the band, asked Danny to work on Pee-Big wee’s Adventure as a composer (1985). Tim put his trust in him for the project, even though he hadn’t gone to school to learn how to write music for movies yet. It worked out well for the new composer, who went on to work with the director on sixteen more movies, including Edward Scissorhands, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and Alice in Wonderland.

Danny went on to write music for movies like Men in Black and the Fifty Shades of Gray series. He has also been nominated for an Oscar four times and has won two Emmy Awards, a Grammy, and the 2015 Disney Legend Award.

bridget fonda husband

The Intertwined Tale of Danny and Bridget

Danny and Bridget both work in show business, but they are both very private people who don’t like to be in the spotlight. We do know that the couple tied the knot in November 2003. The Wall Street Journal says that the couple sold their two mansions in Los Angeles in 2020 so they could move to the country and live a quieter life. They put their homes on the market for $8.8 million and $5.8 million, respectively. Even though they didn’t plan to sell their houses, the coronavirus made that impossible.

Even though we don’t know much about their home life as a family, we do know that Bridget was in the 1998 movie A Simple Plan, which Danny composed the music for.

How Would You Characterise Their Domestic Situation?

Oliver, Bridget and Danny’s only child, was born in 2005. Oliver takes after his parents in that he prefers to keep to himself and his family prefers to keep a low profile.

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