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Aerosmith Drummer Joey Kramer’s Wife Linda Kramer Dies at 55

Linda Kramer, the drummer Joey Kramer’s wife of 13 years, passed away recently. It was confirmed by a representative for the singer that Linda, who had worked as a contract administrator for Hewlett-Packard in the past, passed away on June 22 at the age of 55. There is no information available at this time regarding the cause of death.

Linda Kramer, the wife of Joey Kramer, was born on February 27, 1967 in Decatur, Georgia. However, in 1971, the Kramers relocated to Houston, Texas. She received her diploma from Klein Oak High School in Spring, Texas, in the year 1985. Her hometown is Spring.

An obituary that was written about Linda and published in the Boston Herald described her as a lady who had “a wicked, naughty sense of humour,” enjoyed watching Hallmark Christmas movies, and had “a passion for” driving fast vehicles. The wife of Joey Kramer was very attentive to her family, friends, and especially to their dogs, Lucy and Cosmo.Joey Kramer and Linda Kramer

In her most recent position, Linda Kramer served as a contract clerk for Hewitt Packard, which is a company in the high-tech business. Joey and Linda had been married for more than 13 years. In the obituary that was written for both of them, Joey referred to Linda as “the love of his life.” The next line in the obituary reads, “Linda loved Joey deeply, and her primary concern was always to ensure his well-being and happiness.”

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However, the most crucial line reads, “she loved her family, and especially her nieces and nephews.” A day before she passed away, Linda sent her condolences and best wishes to Joey Kramer on the occasion of his 72nd birthday. Birthday desired.

Linda’s Interest and Sense of Humour

we have obtained a copy of Linda’s obituary, which describes her as a woman with “a wicked, naughty sense of humour” who enjoyed watching Hallmark Christmas movies and “had a fascination for driving fast cars.” Linda passed away on April 1. Her family, her friends, and her two dogs, Lucy and Cosmo, all held a special place in her heart.

In October of 2009, Joey wed Linda, whom he refers to as “the love of his life.” Joey is a musician. According to what is said in her obituary, “Linda loved Joey profoundly, and her first objective was to ensure both his health and happiness.”

She is survived by a number of people, including her husband, her parents, her three sisters, her stepsiblings, her stepson Jesse, and a large number of nieces and nephews. Joseph Michael Kramer is an American drummer who was born on June 21, 1950. He is the drummer for the hard rock band Aerosmith, for which he was elected into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in the year 2001. Kramer’s birthday is June 21.

Why Kramer Filed a Lawsuit?

In 2020, Kramer filed a lawsuit against his bandmates after they claimed that the native of the Bronx was not “emotionally and physically able to play with the band” for a performance at the Grammy Awards. At the time, Kramer was attempting to recover from a shoulder injury. After a few weeks had passed since that performance, Kramer and Aerosmith were back to playing in harmony.

On June 21, one day before Linda Kramer passed away, the band’s Twitter feed sent Kramer birthday greetings to wish him a happy 72nd birthday. People say that she was a former employee of Hewlett-Packard and that her obituary described her as having “a wicked, malicious sense of humour.” She was a fan of fast automobiles and Hallmark Christmas movies, according to her obituary.

Late in March, Joey announced that he will not be joining Aerosmith as they renewed their Deuces Are Wild residency in Las Vegas this summer. He gave the reason that he was taking a “temporary leave of absence” from the band as being his desire to spend more time with his family.Joey Kramer and Linda Kramer

“He has regrettably made the decision to sit out the band’s concerts in 2022 so that he can focus his full attention on his family during these uncertain times,” the group said in a statement to USA Today at the time. “He hopes to be able to focus his full attention on his family during these uncertain times.” “Both he and the band are looking forward to seeing him perform with Aerosmith in the future.”

Pearl drums, Zildjian cymbals and sticks (including his own signature model), and Remo heads are all brands that Kramer endorses at the moment. He has also played drums from a variety of other brands, including Ludwig, with whom he had a long and fruitful relationship for a significant portion of his career before making the switch to Pearl. Additionally, he has utilised sets manufactured by Fibes, Tama, and DW in the past.

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