A Look at Some Trendy and Exciting Ways Celebrities Have Spent the Holidays


Sandeep Singh

There’s no denying it – when it comes to the Christmas holidays, our famous celebrities know exactly how to party! And although most of us will not celebrate our Christmases that way (in fact, what could be more boring than how we celebrate the season), it’s nice to see how some celebrities really go over the top – pandemic or no pandemic! Some stars even make a theme out of their Christmas celebrations, and some have made their annual Christmas shindig the talk of the town. But honestly speaking, most of us wouldn’t have our Christmases another way – and no matter how traditional or ‘boring’ our Christmases get, we still wouldn’t have it any other way! But how do the big celebrities celebrate? Let’s look at some trendy and exciting ways celebrities have spent the holidays.

Christmas with the Kardashians

Can you imagine spending a normal day with the Kardashians? How about spending Christmas with them? It must be like having the holidays on steroids! The Kardashians and the Jenners are famous for throwing the most lavish Christmas bashes, and in 2018, they threw the biggest and costliest party yet and spent a whopping $1.3 million! At this time, the party moved from the Jenner household to the West household, and it was transformed into a (what else?) winter wonderland complete with a snow hill and fake snow. To top it all off, they created a 10,000-light tunnel, which was perfect for selfies!

Justin Beiber’s Christmas-themed truck

Justin Beiber didn’t throw a party like the Kardashians, but he still managed to celebrate Christmas in style by painting his truck (which was, incidentally, a Mercedes Benz) with a total Christmas theme. He painted it so that it showed everything from Santa to snowflakes and polar bears to Christmas trees, and according to him, it was a real trip. You bet!

John Legend’s gift

This is one for the books – in 2020, right in the middle of the pandemic and the Covid lockdowns, John Legend gifted Chrissy Teigen with none other than a cheese wheel which reportedly cost tens of thousands of dollars. According to Ms. Teigen, it was the dream of a lifetime – and she will surely have many uses for the cheese wheel for years to come.

If you want something dramatic for your Christmas celebration, too, you can create your own fairground. Set up a fairground stall hire in your own backyard (or a suitable outdoor venue), and invite everyone you know for a night of fun! You can even have some rides and games and prizes for the lucky ones, and it’s a celebration to beat all Christmas celebrations for sure!

David Beckham’s even more extravagant gift

Talk about extravagance! If you want to hear about an even more extravagant gift – and it sure beats a cheese wheel, but in our opinion, it’s not as tasty – check out what David Beckham gave Victoria Beckham a few years ago. Drumroll, please! A fabulous Hermes Birkin purse for a whopping total of $33K in 2010. But it gets better – in 2017, David Beckham gifted her with an even more lavish gift – a Himalayan Hermes Birkin handbag, which reportedly cost a total of $100K!

Some celebrities have it all – and they know how to spend it! But the holidays are all about what you can give and share with your loved ones – and the gift of time spent with them and the memories forged is priceless!