50 Cent Is Not Able To Dismiss Accusations He Employed Hitman To Murder Former Drug Dealer



50 Cent was unable to persuade a New York judge to dismiss a complaint in which he was accused of intimidating and threatening Cory “Ghost” Holland, an ex-drug dealer. AllHipHop was able to get court records indicating that on December 19, Judge Analisa Torres denied 50 Cent’s request for the case to be dismissed.

Over the STARZ series Power, Holland sued 50 Cent in 2021. The former drug dealer claimed that his life story was improperly used by the show.

Holland filed a new lawsuit earlier this year, alleging that 50 Cent was engaged in an intimidation campaign. Holland accused the G-Unit rapper of trying to plan a hit song, saying he feared for his life.

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“The reason for the continuous fear and anxiety is 50 Cent’s ability to HIRE an HITMAN, which he obtained through a 150 million dollar contract with STARZ/LIONSGATE,” Holland stated.

“The hitmen 50 Cent hired, once they are paid, can KILL [me] and [my] family, at any time and anywhere,” he continued. According to the defendant from the radio interview, “ONCE HE PAYS THE HOMIES TO DO WHAT THEY DO BEST,” 50 Cent can complete the job at any time after that, whether he is in New York, Michigan, or anywhere else in America or overseas.

Holland proposed that 50 Cent was shielded by the federal government, so sparing the controversial musician from legal repercussions. Holland listed more people who were struck by the Power producer’s fury.

“Several people he has been involved with in violent situations have mentioned that they believe 50 Cent has some sort of protection from the federal government,” Holland stated. “50 Cent has the ability to do things everyday people can’t, whether it’s his own child’s mother or former music executives like Chris and Irv Gotti of MURDER INC RECORDS.”

50 Cent Is Not Able To Dismiss Accusations He Employed Hitman To Murder Former Drug Dealer

Holland also brought up the defendant’s behavior on social media.

Holland claimed, “He ruthlessly targets people on social media for ONE purpose: their humiliation and his gain.” He treated DJ Khaled, Shaniqua Tompkins, Megan The Stallion, and numerous other people in this way. He believed that me fighting back would make me his next victim, but it’s the only way to deal with a bully.

The former drug dealer claimed there was serious risk to his family. He said that because they were constantly afraid of being attacked, they lived in continual fear.

Holland said, “[We] now live in constant fear of these unidentified and unknown KILLERS turning up at any time or place to carry out 50 Cent’s orders to intimidate and/or murder them, to remove the legal ramifications of the cases made against him.

The reason we now carry firearms is because we are afraid that these hired goons would use violence against us at any time. We just need to be ready for when the violence does start since we don’t know when it will occur.

All [we] can do is prepare for the INEVITABLE every single second of the day, which gives 50 Cent the upper hand because he controls what the HITMEN do under the terms of their contract.

The action is “nothing more than an abuse of the judicial system,” according to 50 Cent’s attorneys, and it shouldn’t be permitted to move forward with discovery. Judge Torres disapproved, permitting the civil lawsuit to proceed.