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David Mudd

WatchOS 7: Release Date, Sleep Tracking, Compatibility And All The New Features

Apple’s watchOS 7 should be coming later this year. There are plenty of rumours and speculation about the features it could bring with it when it does, too. Two rumoured features may be included in watchOS 7 that could bring dramatic improvements to the overall experience.

Sleep Tracking

The biggest feature that the rumours are touting right now is the ability for the Apple Watch to track your sleep. This is a feature that users have requested for years, and Apple may finally deliver on it now. However, snuck into this feature may be another improvement that watchOS 7 brings, and that would be an improvement in battery life.

WatchOS 7

Right now, the battery life on the Apple Watch is mediocre. It’ll get you through most of the day, but it needs charging at night. This means that users have to remove the watch and place it on the device’s magnetic charger. Thus, by design, the Apple Watch can’t track the user’s sleep properly. They can’t both charge the device and wear it on their wrist at the same time.

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May Not Come To Older Apple Watches

There is some bad news regarding this feature, though. Users who own older Apple Watches may be especially annoyed about this. It seems likely that Apple Watch Series and Series 2 may not get this update at all. So, anyone who is still using these devices may need to seriously consider an upgrade.

The next feature on the list is a blood oxygen monitor. Apple Watches that are available today already have a blood oxygen monitor built into their hardware. However, no software feature took advantage of it. watchOS 7 seems to be changing that.

WatchOS 7 Apple Watch For Kids

WatchOS 7

The information about this next feature comes from an iOS 14 leak. It contains references to something called “SchoolTime mode” and “kid mode”. The way this would work is that parents would be able to control their child’s Apple Watch.

This would mean that a child can use an Apple Watch without them also having to own an iPhone. SchoolTime mode would then allow parents to set a certain time of day during which the Apple Watch will have limited functionality.

We’re likely to hear concrete details at Apple’s WWDC event, which will take place in June this year. Due to the coronavirus, however, this year’s event will be entirely online. We can also guess that watchOS 7 will launch officially sometime in September 2020, alongside the next-generation Apple Watch and iPhone.