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Nintendo: Nintendo Accounts Are Reportedly Getting Hacked; Protect Yours Now


David Mudd

Nintendo Accounts getting hacked and there doesn’t seem to an end to it. Furthermore, people are losing their access to accounts due to unethical hacking. Read ahead to know more.

Cyber Threat

The coronavirus pandemic has forced everyone to stay at home. As a result, people have become more active in gaming and streaming. As a result, a lot of game data and user accounts are being created daily.

Therefore, hackers take advantage of this situation. Moreover, many hackers can break the firewall and gain access to the gaming accounts of the users. Furthermore, many users have conducted in-game monetary transactions to buy certain items. Hackers are taking control of the same.


It seems that Nintendo has become the primary target of hackers. Furthermore, they are hacking Nintendo accounts of the users. Nintendo is working on it and addressing the situation in the best possible manner.

Nintendo Accounts Hacked

Lately, many Nintendo users are complaining to receive messages alerting them to unauthorized account access. Moreover, the number of complaints is increasing daily. Furthermore, the hackers are using users PayPal account details to purchase in-game currencies.

Only the Nintendo Network ID service is shared with other victims. This connects users to online shops. Furthermore, this might be the point of breach. But nothing is evident to this point.

Also, Nintendo is tracking the database history to find any web interface issue. Moreover, at this time, everyone needs to change their passwords and reset their Nintendo Account details.

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How To Protect Your Nintendo Account

The users need to follow the 2-step Verification process. Furthermore, they can find the process on the ‘Support Page’ on Nintendo’s official website. The users need to first sign-in to their Nintendo account.

Furthermore, they need to then open the security option and click on 2-step verification. Then receive a verification code on your email id. Users will then enter the code and submit for verification.


Furthermore, users need to install the Google Authenticator app on their smartphones. Use the app to scan the QR code displayed on your Account. Moreover, you will again receive a 6 digit verification code on your smartphone.

Enter the code in the designated space on your  Account. Submit the same. The backup codes will appear. Users have to save these codes. Furthermore, these codes will be required to login if you don’t have access to Google.

Following these steps will ensure the protection of your Nintendo’s Account from hackers.