Meet Paris Hilton Husband- Carter Reum! Who Is He And What He Does?


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He received his degree from Columbia University and is now a best-selling novelist.

Paris Hilton has tied the knot! In the extravagant and celebrity-studded wedding that took place in November 2021, the reality star and her fiancé Carter Reum sealed the knot. The bride donned no less than four different designer dresses for the occasion. That right there is legendary.


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Who exactly is this Carter Reum? To begin, he has been romantically involved with the reality television personality and DJ since November of this year. They were introduced to one another by common acquaintances before to their red carpet debut at the Golden Globes at the beginning of the year 2021.

Although Paris refers to him as her “soulmate,” what else about him should you be aware of? We have conducted the necessary investigation and have collated all of the information that is relevant to your understanding of the hotel heiress’s spouse.

Carter Went To Columbia University

Paris Hilton Husband

In 2003, the successful entrepreneur and businessman earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics as well as Business/Managerial Economics from the prestigious university. In addition, he was not the only member of his family to earn a degree from the prestigious private institution that he attended. His sibling Courtney and his sister Halle also earned their degrees from the university located in New York City.

According to Vogue, Reum is a venture investor who established the investment firm M13. This company was established to give assistance and resources to new enterprises that are just beginning their operations.


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In addition, the company has provided financial assistance to a variety of prosperous companies, some of which include Lyft, Pinterest, Snapchat, Daily Harvest, and Rothy’s, to mention just a few.


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He Works With His Brother


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M13 was co-founded by Reum and his brother Courtney Reum, although this wasn’t the first time that the Reum siblings had collaborated on a project. Both individuals started out their professional lives working for Goldman Sachs, albeit in distinct departments within the company. (Carter worked for an investment bank and was a member of the Industrials Division.)

They established VEEV Spirits in 2007, which was the first brand of carbon neutral alcohol to be made from Idaho Winter Wheat and infused with Acai (1 percent of sales are also donated to Rainforest preservation and other environmental causes). In 2016, the brothers made the decision to sell the business and immediately began working on their new venture, which takes us to the following subject.

How Did They Both Meet?

Paris Hilton Husband

At the 2020 Golden Globes InStyle and Warner Brother’s afterparty, the two made their first appearance together in public as a couple for the first time. According to E! News, Reum was a part of the group of pals that Gwyneth Paltrow kept, and a source informed the newspaper that Reum and Hilton first became acquainted through acquaintances in common.

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