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That Damn Michael Che Season 2 Release Date: Trailer, Where to Watch, Synopsis!

This week on HBO Max, you can catch the premiere of the new season of Michael Che's show, “That Damn Michael Che.” Alice Mathais and Gary Richardson are the two individuals responsible for directing the second season of That Damn Michael Che. Richardson is also the show's chief writer. In the forthcoming season, each episode will centre on a certain contemporary issue, such as religion, racism, and other related topics.

The second season of the sketch comedy programme will premiere on May 26, 2022; the following contains all of the information that fans require on the next season.

That Damn Michael Che Season 2: Release Date

It has been announced that the second season of That Damn Michael Che will premiere on HBO Max on Thursday, May 26, at 3:01 a.m. ET/12:01 a.m. PT. The whole run of the comedic sketch programme that was produced by Max Original will be shown.

The Following Is an Excerpt From the Show's Plot Summary

“From Emmy-nominated comedian Michael Che’s distinct perspective, comes a groundbreaking sketch comedy series that illustrates what it feels like to experience various everyday situations. With Che interweaving candid reflections throughout, each episode features comedy legends and rising stars alike in sharp, original vignettes that center around a particular theme or incident.

Tackling the uncomfortable truths behind provocative and timely topics such as race, cancel culture, and reproductive rights, That Damn Michael Che is as thought-provoking as it is laugh-out-loud funny.”

That Damn Michael Che Season 2 Release Date

Willa Slaughter is the producer of the show, and Michael Che, Lorne Michaels, Andrew Singer, and Erin Doyle are the show's executive producers. Alice Mathias, Gary Richardson, Ayesha Rokadia, Daniel Powell, and Alex Bach are co-executive producers, and the show is also co-executive produced by Andrew Singer.

That Damn Michael Che Season 1 Recap


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That Damn's previous season aired between… Michael Che explored a topic or occurrence such as police brutality, unemployment, and falling in love and utilised drawings and vignettes to depict what it is like to experience all of these things from the vantage point of a black person's perspective. Even if doing so risked provoking debate, the show placed a greater emphasis on being truthful than on proving its point.

During the prior season, Billy Porter, Reggie Conquest, and Godfrey appeared as special guests on the show. Godfrey showed off his live-action sketch chops as a faux Steve Harvey and as an ex-con with a unique fitness programme to sell to plus-sized women. Porter played the role of a security guard in the building with the stuck elevator, and Conquest played a variety of supporting roles. Godfrey also showed off his live-action sketch chops as a faux Steve Harvey.

That Damn Michael Che Season 2 Trailer

The first official teaser for the comedy sketch programme was released the previous week, and it showed Che telling his Saturday Night Live Weekend Update co-host Colin Jost that he was at an all-black brunch event. Jost was seen rushing directly to the omelette bar in the background of the scene.

The segment begins off with a sketch that sets the stage for the rest of the evening. Before the pilot, David Alan Grier, asks everyone to yell “Jesus, take the wheel,” the character Che can be seen climbing into his seat in the cockpit of the ship. Che's response, which revealed his confusion, was, “Well, the pilot ought to take the wheel, right?”

That Damn Michael Che Season 2 Release Date

The following celebrities will be making appearances: Wayne Brady, Reggie Conquest, Ziwe Fumudoh, Heidi Gardner, Sam Jay, Lori Laing, Tim Meadows, Questlove, Sam Richardson, Amy Schumer, and Kenan Thompson.

Beginning May 26, you'll be able to watch the second season of That Damn Michael Che on HBO Max.

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