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Brian Kemp’s Net Worth: When Brian Kemp Was Elected to Office, His Net Worth Had Almost Trebled!

Brian Kemp, a native of Georgia, has been active in politics for the past twenty years. The former businessman won election to the Georgia State Senate in 2002, and he served there for a total of eight years before being selected to serve as the Secretary of State for Georgia.

From that vantage point, Kemp emerged victorious over the Democratic candidate for governor of Georgia, Stacey Abrams, and became the 83rd Governor of Georgia in 2019.

Now, Kemp is competing against David Perdue in the Republican primary, and many people are wondering about Kemp’s financial status. It was recently found that Kemp’s net worth has increased by millions of dollars since he joined office.

So, How Much Money Does Brian Kemp Have in the Bank?

Brian Kemp’s Net Worth

According to the most recent financial report that Kemp has released, his net worth has increased to $8.6 million from its previous value of $5.2 million in 2018. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that this comprised more than $4.6 million worth of various properties as well as an approximately $420,000 investment in a stone supply company.

In addition, Kemp stated that he had a cash reserve of $270,000 and a residence in Athens worth $675,000.

In contrast, his adversary in politics, Senator David Perdue, has declared having a net worth of $50 million. According to reports, Kemp earned a salary of $175,000 in the year 2020.

In the past, Brian Kemp’s financial investments have drawn attention.

In 2017, Kemp was the defendant in a lawsuit filed by a financier by the name of Rick Phillips. Phillips claimed that Kemp owed him $500,000 from an investment in a failing agricultural company known as Hart AgStrong.

The complaint claims that Kemp did not repay the $10 million loan that he had arranged and guaranteed for Hart AgStrong. His opponents during the governor race brought up the case, which was finally settled days before he was sworn into office, but it was brought up by his opponents throughout the campaign.

Maggie Chambers, a spokesman for the Democratic Party of Georgia, was quoted as saying, “We can’t trust a politician who owes more to himself and his economic interests than he does to Georgians.”

Now, Kemp is running for re-election to his position as governor of Georgia, but he does not have the backing of former President Donald Trump, who has thrown his support behind Kemp’s opponent, Sonny Perdue.

In addition, Trump gave a contribution of half a million dollars to the Get Georgia Right PAC, an organisation that is attempting to oust Kemp from his position.

Brian Kemp’s Net Worth

Cody Hall, a senior strategist for Brian Kemp’s campaign, said after the gift, “David Perdue is going to need a lot more than $500,000 to divert from his crazy diatribe assaulting the Georgia State Patrol.”

Whoever wins will most certainly square off against Abrams in the fall, and as of the time this article was posted, Kemp was the clear favourite to win by a margin of 32 points, according to Politico.

“I believe the governor, as far as Republican voters go, has a pretty good track record,” Fred Hicks, a political strategist for both parties headquartered in Georgia, told Vox. “I think the governor has a very solid track record.”

“He navigated the state through the epidemic, and the economy is humming along, and people are getting back to work… It is clear that Perdue is unable to articulate the reasons why Kemp ought to be dismissed and why he ought to be selected for the post.

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