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Google: Google To Verify Its Advertisers More Thoroughly


David Mudd

Google is changing its policy towards all its advertisers now. There is more caution in who all are now considered as advertisers. Also, the policy will be enforced even more strongly. With this, Google is raising again to the issue of security of people.

This can make google a very secure place to be. And after this, this action to be taken. It was long since everything was going out of hand. So with this, things are getting better. Learn more about this.

Also, learn about what measures will be taken against them now. All the fake advertisers will be on the verge of extinction. This new policy is going to be amazing.


What Is Going To Happen?

Google will compulsories all the advertisers to verify themselves. So, they have to verify their identities. This is recently said in a new post by the firm. And it will be enforced very soon.

With the global pandemic, everyone is getting very concerned about the information that is circulating. There had been many advertisers that claimed to have medicines for the pandemic.

Also, there had been people with fake businesses advertising themselves. So to secure the public from hoaxes of this sort, the process is going to be made tougher. This was the need of the hour and, amazingly, the firm is paying heed to this.

What Will Be The Procedure?

The procedure is very simple. Every advertiser has a time duration of 30 days. In this time slot, they have to complete a verification process by the company. The process will occur in various stages. They’ll have to submit their documents until anything is confirmed.

Until then, there is a suspension that will be on their account. Now, this process will confirm that people are getting the right briefs from their advertisements. After the documents, there will be an in account authenticity check. It will ensure that the advertiser is legitimate or not.


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This process is starting initially in the US. From there, it will spread on to the world. So it will take a span of a few years to go around the world. With this, all the advertisements will be checked by the firm itself.
Now with this, the company will send out disclosures to its customers. It will provide information about the advertiser when the user asks ‘why this ad?’. And that is something that we are all waiting for. So let us keep an eye out for that.