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Redmi Pad 5G: Tablet With 90Hz Display, 30W Charging Launching On April 27


David Mudd

Redmi is eyeing the launch of its tablets Redmi Pad 5G. This will be a breathtaking new series. The launch is eyed on the 27th of April. And it will be an amazing show for all those that are looking forward to buying a new tablet.

It will be loaded with features and the price is also going to be controlled. So there isn’t anything to largely worry about. You just need to wait until you get all the information about this. Now the launch was initially going to have the Mi 10 Youth Edition.

But now the information is that you’ll also see a Redmi Pad 5G tagging along. So look out for that launch. Learn more about the Redmi Paf and why should it be your option. Read more to find about this.

What Is Going To Happen?

There a launch of Redmi products on the 27th of April. And it was going to give many products including the Mi 10 Youth Edition, the MIUI 12. But then if rumors are to be believed, we also get a tablet launch that day.

Redmi Pad 5G

This will be another 5G based technology product. And this is another reason why we are excited about this gadget. After smartphones, this is a new venture by Redmi to explore 5G. There is no confirmation about this news as such.

However, the chances are that it is going to be true. To find out more about the specifications about the probable product.

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Specifications For It

Since there is no official information, the specifications are largely vague. We know that Redmi Pad 5G will feature one of the best technology. Backed with Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G chipset, it will allow 5G networks.

The tablet will have a 90Hz refresh rate panel. And this is something that you don’t expect from a tablet. So Redmi has continued to woo us here. There will be a 48-megapixel front camera. Also, the tablet has a 4 speaker setup.

Now the display is expected to be slim and sleek for easy to carry and hold. With this, Redmi is going beyond our expectations.

More About It (Redmi Pad 5G)

Redmi Pad 5G

No additional information says that it will give a 30W fast charging. But there are no such specifications about the battery life of the same. However, the best part is that Redmi Pad 5G will be priced at a very genuine cost.

So you might only have to pay about Rs 21500 for this Redmi Pad 5G beauty. So this product will continue to woo you. And will be one of the most affordable 5G products by the firm. However, there is no confirmation os the markets that it will aim. So that can be a bummer.