What Is Hand Engraving?


Mohit Kamboj

The art of hand engraving has a long history, it can go back to a time when machines were not invented. However, today, with the development of machine, the form of hand engraving is becoming more and more infrequent. Even so, I believe that hand-engraved works have the best quality and durability, which let them apart from machine-based products.

The total process of hand engraving represents the high level of skill and patience. Firstly, we should design and draw pattern. It can help us create a detailed plan for the craft. It also can prevent us from wrong ways. Then, we should take a careful measure. It can ensure that the design is accurately transformed into the silver or gold. Finally, it is turn to engraving machine or tools. Using hand-gravers to cut the silver or gold precisely is a time-consuming process. This process demands firm attention to details.

The final product of hand engraving is a unique artwork, it carries the emotional expression and distinctive character of the engraver. The complicated details and precise cuts can add the deep and dimension to the crafts. For this reason, they can become unique creations. Fortunately, in a world, being full of mass and mechanized production, our hand engraving stands out and proves the beauty and value of craftsmanship.

Our Hand Engraver

Henry, our skilled hand-engraving artist, has engaged in engraving industry for 20 years. During his career, Henry worked together with many kinds of clients, such as jewelers, members of royalty, celebrities and so on. He also made beautiful badges for famous businessmen and senator. At our workshop, katway, we are proud of the earnestness of the hand engraving, which is also a provement to Henry’s expertise and passion. Besides, we have the best pneumatic engraver on the market today for engravers came from all countries.

You know, Katway’s product collection contains a range of engraving machines and accessories. They are designed to meet the needs of professional jewelers and hobbyists. Our commitment is evident in the precision and reliability of our products. They are made of the highest-level materials to ensure durability and performance.

In addition, Katway is also dedicated to offering excellent customer service. Our team is available to provide guidance and support to customers at every step of the process. It may be from the most proper tools and equipments option to the trouble solving and maintenance.

In a word, when you choose our workshop for your engraving needs, you can ensure that you will receive the best product and the most considerate after-sales service.

Engraving details and steps

The process of engraving is complicated and interesting. At the beginning, Henry will carefully prepare the suitable material. He intentionally overshadows it so that can make it easier to draw the words or images. This step can allow him to assess the position and appearance of the engraving. If there are some mistakes, he will make necessary adjustments by erasing and remarking. When Henry is satisfied with the words or images he prepared, he prefer to scratch the surface lightly with a carving knife. It can make a guide for the upcoming process. Hey, of course, it’s just his habit!

After the preparations, you can use a special graver to engrave. Guess what? The cut of the silver or gold must require skill and experience. Because the subtle mistake can destroy the entire craft. Henry usually choose the proper graver according to the prepared patterns, and follows the carved lines offered by his chisel. This is a time-consuming process, so we should pay more patience and attention to details.

To accomplish the engraving, polishing is necessary. This small step can maintain a fine and glossy face of our artwork, you know. Henry usually uses a polisher and paint the specific grease to the artwork in order to achieve a flawless effect. This subtle process can make sure that all scratches on the craft are eliminated, leave an impressive and attractive appearance.

Become an engraving master!

If you wanna be a hand engraver, it usually takes you three to five years to become practiced in the craft. The apprenticeship is a crucial step because it can provide practical experience for you guys. It can especially allow you to develop your skills under the help of a master engraver. If you want to success in this field, you should require not only dedication, but also some artistic talent and patience. As an engraver, you must be able to work together with various materials, such as metal, wood, glass and so on. You also must be able to use many kinds of tools, such as gravers and chisels, to make lovely designs and patterns. The process of engraving requires precision, concentration, and the ability to visualize the final product before starting. Becoming a hand engraver is an honor career that can inherit to your generations.