What Is A Mind Palace, And How To Build It?


Sandeep Singh

Today, many people want to improve their memory because this can bring many benefits in everyday life and professional activities. The mind palace technique attracts people’s attention worldwide, unlike anything we have seen before. With this, you can learn to control your memory, save the necessary data, and throw away everything you don’t.

What Is A Mind Palace?

A memory palace is a mnemonic device within your creation where you can store the information you need. Synonyms for this definition are:

  • The palaces of the mind;
  • The method of loci;
  • Spatial mnemonics;
  • The method of Cicero;
  • The system of the Roman room.

As an example of this definition: close your eyes and try to recreate a familiar place, setting, or event (extract and arrange its image in detail, and distribute the facts in the correct sequence). You visually collect the necessary data.

With such thinking, a constructor is formed from images and pictures, and with the help of visualization, what you need to remember is restored.

A mental journey is a technique for increasing the efficiency of memory, which is quite ancient (it appeared in ancient Greece). This method activates spatial memory, which oversees orientation in space.

People’s lives can change if they master the memory palace technique and understand how to apply it. The information is stored in the short-term accumulator of the human subconscious. This method’s task is to remember various events for a long time, for which you can use any associations.

How To Build A Mind Palace?

Building a mind palace is a very complex process requiring much patience. You will not be able to do this within 1 – 2 sessions.

To master this method, you should exercise every day for a few minutes before going to bed. Workouts include the following:

  • Imagine a building that is familiar to you;
  • Choose the information you want to remember (beginning with something as simple as possible, such as a phone number or a quatrain);
  • Put this information in any place, for example, on the nightstand in the hallway;
  • Come back here after some time and try to get information.

You will only succeed after a while. Please train during falling asleep, when the part of the brain responsible for remembering is activated.

To improve your performance, you should additionally perform memory training exercises. For this, both classical methods that we know from school and the memoryOS mobile application are suitable.

Practice shows that training using a mobile application is usually more effective, as it has several important advantages:

  • 3D models;
  • Very user-friendly interface;
  • Customer orientation;
  • A unique technique to improve memory and imagination.

Before you start training here, the system will offer to conduct a small test that will allow you to understand your level and select exercises to solve the problems you have identified.

You only need to use the mobile application for 15-20 minutes daily, but you must do it everyday without missing a single day, as this can greatly slow down the first results.

If you train regularly and believe that it will give results, then you can not only improve the state of your memory, but you can also learn to control it. Remember the consulting detective Sherlock Holmes, who knows how to delete information he does not need? Many believe this is an artistic invention, but those who have mastered the mind palace know this is possible. Thanks to this technique, you can learn how to structure and manage your memory, which can sometimes be an advantageous experience.


If you are unhappy with the state of your memory, you should master the method of a mind palace. This technology appeared in ancient Greece and was considered forgotten for a long time, but today it is gaining popularity again. So, there are competitions in this type of memorization, where you can ensure that it works and bears fruit. If the results of the champions inspire you, after a short period of time you can participate in such competitions.