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Which Pitchers Are Responsible for Delivering the Top 10 Fastest Pitches in Mlb History?



In this era of sports enthusiasts on the ever-evolving landscape of Major League Baseball (MLB) history, numerous players have through the fastest pitches of all time with the strategic approach. However, a lot of players have shown jaw-dropping speed in the pursuit of perfection.

Therefore, they have displayed themself as timeless reminders of the power as well as grace that is inherent in the sport of baseball. It is captivating fans across the distinct corners of the globe. Not only this, but also, it can inspire aspiring players alike. They all are the true testimony of record-breaking players.

Through this exploration, I have delved into the history of these remarkable feats offers a thrilling glimpse into the evolution of pitching and the enduring quest for baseball immortality. Let’s take a deep dive into the top 10 fastest pitches in Major League Baseball (MLB) history without wasting much time and effort.

Who Are the Pitchers Behind the Top 10 Fastest Pitches in MLB?

Here is the list of all those Pitchers who have taken into consideration achieving the name into the Top 10 fastest pitches in the history of Major League Baseball (MLB). If you want to know then take a look at the below-mentioned information which is given in the following subsequent paragraphs so far,

105.8 Mph – Aroldis Chapman

The fastest pitch that was ever thrown in history was by Aroldis Chapman during a match against the San Diego Padres. It should be noted that his name was also shown in the Guinness World Record and remains the fastest ever thrown at the age of just 36, he has garnered that much success and recognition worldwide.

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105.5 Mph – Ben Joyce

The realm name of Ben Joyce is Benjamin Alan Joyce who was born on September 17, 2000. He is an American professional baseball pitcher for the Los Angeles Angels of Major League Baseball (MLB). At the age of just 23, he has achieved huge success by gathering a strong fan base due to his record of 105.5 mph fastest pitch ever thrown in college baseball.

Top 10 Fastest Pitches in Mlb History

Turning to more such details, he was selected by the Angels in the third round of the 2022 MLB draft and made his MLB debut in 2023. Do not miss out on reading, What Are the Top 10 Colognes for Men? Do you have a strong obsession with perfumes? Then you may consider these perfumes on our platform.

105.0 Mph – Jordan Hicks

In a preseason game against the New York Mets between 2022 and 2023, the reliever recorded a pitch velocity of 105.0 mph, placing him among elite MLB pitchers such as Mauricio Cabrera, Aroldis Chapman, and Neftali Feliz. Hicks has consistently registered triple-digit readings on the scoreboard with his pitches.

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104.2 Mph – Ryan Helsley

The speed of Ryan Helsley is always the topic of speculation through which he can make the world record of clocked 104.2 mph against the Milwaukee Brewers in a match that saw the Cardinals win by 6-2. Therefore, he is listed as the hardest baseball pitching speed.

103.3 Mph – Jhoan Duran

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Jhoan Duran, representing the Minnesota Twins, has emerged as a standout pitcher in baseball history. During a ninth-inning match against the Cleveland Guardians, he clocked a speed of 103.3 mph, marking his fastest throw of the 2022 season. Hailing from Dominica, the rookie pitcher has showcased several impressive throws, aiming to achieve a velocity of 105 mph in the 2022–2023 season.

103.1 Mph – Felix Bautista

Felix Bautista was born on June 20, 1995, and is a Dominican professional baseball pitcher for the Baltimore Orioles of Major League Baseball (MLB) with the achievement of throwing a 103.1 miles per hour stinker against the Toronto Blue Jays in August 2022. Not only this, but also, He was signed by the Miami Marlins as an international free agent in 2012. He made his MLB debut in 2022.

102.8 Mph – Edwin Diaz/Andres Munoz

Edwin Diaz/Andres Munoz has topped the yearly charts by being one of the most famous fastest-throwing pitchers by delivering fastballs reaching a velocity of 102.8 mph. Check out, Which Places in the US Are Considered the Most Welcoming for the LGBTQ+ Community?

102.0 Mph – Jacob Degrom

Top 10 Fastest Pitches in Mlb History

Wondering what pitch does Jacob deGrom throw? so do not look further as he threw 102.0 miles per hour. He is well recognized as one of many top throwers in the MLB to clock. He was born on June 19, 1988, in DeLand, Florida, U.S. He is an American professional baseball pitcher for the Texas Rangers of Major League Baseball (MLB).

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Turning to more such details, He has also previously played in MLB for the New York Mets. Before achieving that much success and reputed status worldwide, he attended Stetson University and played college baseball for the Stetson Hatters.

100.7 Mph – Emmanuel Clase

Emmanuel Clase was born on  March 18, 1998, in Río San Juan, Dominican Republic. He is one of the famous and popular Dominican professional baseball pitchers for the Cleveland Guardians of Major League Baseball (MLB) with a record of a 100.7 fastball and a 100.2 mph cutter, one of the fastest in 2021.

100.2 Mph – Brusdar Graterol

With a record-breaking speed of 102.5, Brusdar Graterol has made his name in the yearly charts as one of the best LA Dodgers and MLB performers. He was born on August 26, 1998, in Calabozo, Venezuela. He is well recognized by the name of a Venezuelan professional baseball pitcher for the Los Angeles Dodgers of Major League Baseball (MLB).

during the sixth inning in a match between the Dodgers and the Giants in March 2021, he made this record with this strategic speed approach. Do not miss out, Which Places Are Considered the US’s Remotest Areas?


In conclusion, summarizing all the above-mentioned perspectives, These above-mentioned record-breaking pitches highlight the power and grace of the world of baseball in this realm world of sports. They have captivated the audience worldwide due to their strategic as well as powerful approach which has left a lasting mark on the sport.

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