Why is Bill Handel’s Home Affectionately Known as the “Persian Palace”?



On the landscapes of the palm-lined streets and opulent residences of Los Angeles, there is a majestic place that stands out as the Persian Palace of Bill Handel. Bill Handel is a famous Brazilian-born American radio host and attorney. This palace of Bill has captivated the attention of the masses who pass by.

What is the story behind this lavish estate and its intriguing charm? If you want to know detailed information on why his home is called the Persian Palace, then I have got you uncovered here with all the precise official viewpoints. Let’s embark on a journey to unravel the mysteries of Bill Handel’s Persian Palace.


William Wolf Handel

August 25, 1951 (age 72)

Nationality American
Alma mater California State University, Northridge (B.A.)
Whittier College (J.D.)
Occupation(s) Attorney, radio host, commentator
Spouse Marjorie Handel
Children 2

Who is Bill Handel?

Bill Handel is a renowned Brazilian-born American radio host and attorney, born on August 25, 1951. His popularity has surged because of hosting two radio programs on KFI in Los Angeles, California. One of the programs is the top-rated morning program in the Los Angeles radio market, with more than 1 million listeners.

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A legal advice show, “Handel on the Law,” currently hosted by Bill Handel on weekends. It was launched in 1985 and Premiered Radio Networks, co-owned with KFI by iHeartMedia, Inc. Additionally, he is also the director and founder of the Center for Surrogate Parenting.

Bill Handel: Why his home is called the Persian Palace

Why Do People Speculate About Bill Handel’s Personal Life?

People keep speculating and spreading rumors about his personal life aspects on various social media platforms because he prefers to live a life away from the spotlight. Due to the lack of information, people keep asking about his daughters and about his wife Marjorie.

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On digital forums, people keep questions about his lifestyle because he is on the radio 20 hours a week, just Monday through Friday, and another five hours on Saturday, and Sunday. That’s why people are eager to know about him.

Nowadays, the House of Bill Handel has grabbed the attention of the media. However, his house is called the Persian Palace. Do you want to know why? Then read this article completely to the end. Before proceeding further, take a look at Nicole Kidman is given a Life Achievement Award by AFI.

Why Bill’s Home is Called the Persian Palace?

Bill Handel’s home has garnered widespread recognition because of its distinctive architectural style and opulent aesthetic. Besides all the designations done, the name enhances the charm of Bill’s residence by highlighting the luxurious lifestyle living in the “Persian Palace”

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Bill Handel said, “When we built our house, the Persian palace, which by the way, the only reason we call the Persian palace is to make fun of our Persian friends. Well, you see the driveway, that’s theirs. A lot of the lighting is theirs. Also, you’ll see our front yard, our front lawn area, which is their turf, and we’re just about to have our backyard, the turf redone because they didn’t do that.”

He continued, “And we had gone to someone else like idiots, and now they’re redoing the whole thing. So it’s going to match the quality of the front of our house.” Before proceeding further, take a look at Dominique Boxley, the wife of Anthony Fantano.

How Does Bill Describe Their Wife’s Involvement in Building Their Home?

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Bill Handel specifies the crucial role of his wife’s involvement in building their home. The whole beautiful creation is due to his wife’s exceptional skill and dedication. He described her as a “general contractor,” by highlighting her integral role in taking care of every aspect of the home’s construction.

Overall, the speaker’s depiction of their wife’s integral role in constructing their home portrays a harmonious blend of admiration, trust, and practicality. He justifies, “We love our home. My wife built every inch of that home. She was the general contractor. for us. It was also a business decision. I’ve been a small businessman for 30 years and it just made sense.” Do not miss out on reading, Kendall Jenner’s sculptural military-green blazer power suit.

Bill Handel: Why his home is called the Persian Palace

How Does Bill View His Investment in Property?

Bill saw his investment in property as a strategic decision. He views it from the perspective of a small business owner. He usually considers his property investment for diversifying the portfolio and generating lucrative profits from additional income streams. He has confidence in his property investments till now.

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He explained, “Well, I’ve been buying houses. I bought my first house when I was, I think 27. And then obviously buying houses and flipping them. Not as a living, but just when we moved up. And it just makes sense. It just makes sense. For example, we have a nice swimming pool that you don’t get your money back, you have to put in a swimming pool because it’s Southern California and you have no choice.”

He added, “So that one is a, ah, I’ve got to put it in pavers. Make all the sense in the world that’s a payback turf, no water. I mean, my water bill was ridiculous. Now it’s almost ridiculous because the amount of money that we save on not having to water the yard” Check out, the relationship status of  Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce. Here’s what we know!


In the crux, the nickname “Persian Palace” of Bill Handel’s home emerged because of the unique blend of humor, culture, and opulence that characterizes his residence.

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