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Stealing a Deal or Getting Duped: Is My Casino Bonus Legit?

While online casino bonuses are a great way to get your foot in the door some may not be as good as they seem. Here's how to spot a phony bonus.

Casino bonuses are undeniably one of the best ways to lock down your existing players and entice new ones to sign up for your platform. From free spins to no deposit bonuses, this highly effective sales tactic is designed to extend players' game time and keep them coming back to the online casino for more.

However, with the industry being as competitive as it is, some online casinos may try to employ unsavory casino practices by targeting unsuspecting players with offers that are often too good to be true. Unfortunately, not all online casinos have your best interests at heart and may mask a potential trap as a seemingly genuine offer.

So before you get all hyped up for that awesome-looking no deposit bonus you've been hunting for, be sure to understand the difference between a good deal and a scam. Because remember, not all casinos are what they promote themselves to be, which means some of their promotions are equally dubious.

Keeping reading to learn how to identify a bogus casino bonus from a legitimate one and avoid losing out on your hard-earned cash.

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Check The Casino’s Licensing

First things first, if you want to know if the bonus you are dealing with is not a scam then you need to make sure the online casino offering it has a valid license. If the casino has a license, the logo from the licensing body will be displayed at the bottom of the homepage. Players should click on the logo to confirm that it redirects to the licenser’s website as there have been cases whereby casinos doctored logos that link to fake sites.

Once you confirm that the online casino has a valid license from a reputable regulatory authority then you know you are in good hands. This is because regulated casinos are held accountable for any violations that may occur such as fake bonuses and can face penalties, fines or even have their license revoked. Players can therefore rest easy when using licensed casinos and know that they are safe.

Read The T&Cs

Everything you need to know about a bonus can be found in the online casino’s terms and conditions. Here you will discover a detailed breakdown of what needs to be followed in order to unlock the desired promotion such as the wagering requirements, duration and minimum deposit amount. This information should be presented in a clear and easily digestible way to ensure there are no misunderstandings on either part.

Players should therefore watch out for red flags in the form of unclear and vague wording, which some online casinos may employ to throw off customers and trick them into agreeing to unrealistic terms. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for unsavory online casinos to attract new players with fake bonuses only to have them sign up and deposit money into their accounts. As such it's essential to read the fine print to ensure you get the most out of your casino experience and stay protected.

Do Your Research

The chances are if an online casino is offering bogus bonuses you won’t be its first victim.  Therefore if something seems too good to be true it's important to do your due diligence and conduct some research about the online casino and see what comes up. If the online casino has been known to follow bad gaming practices then you will probably stumble across an article or two discrediting the casino.

Additionally, another way to check out the casino’s reputation is by looking up reviews. Studies indicate that consumers are increasingly relying on fellow consumers’ opinions about products or services rather than information from companies to inform their purchasing decisions. This is because they provide a first-hand experience and are perceived as more authentic.

The same can be said when it comes to online casino reviews as they provide an unbiased insight into the workings of the casino and if they can be trusted or not. Reading the reviews will provide you with an indication as to whether or not the online casino has ever made use of misleading bonuses in order to trick players. Similarly, if the online casino has mainly positive reviews then they are likely to offer legitimate bonuses.


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