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Why These 3 Anime Juggernauts Need Their Own Casino Games

Anime is a hugely popular animation form, which has expanded into film, TV and even igaming media recently. Due to its growing global popularity, online casino game developers have started to produce anime-style casino games. Some of the biggest anime franchises, like Star Ocean, have been turned into casino games.

However, some of the most popular anime series are yet to see this transformation take place. In the coming months, these are three hugely popular anime franchises that could be available via engaging casino games at sites like Casumo.

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One Piece

The Toei Animation-created anime series One Piece has been a regular television series for over 20 years. In 2001, the first series of the TV show launched and 19 more series have been produced. Despite first launching on Japanese television, the franchise has expanded to a more global audience in recent years.

Also, spin-offs of the show have been created for different media. 15 One Piece special films have been made, while several one-off special episodes have also been produced.

Although One Piece has proven to be a hugely popular anime TV show, a crossover into the gaming medium has not taken place yet. The show has the foundations for an engrossing casino-style game, which could be based on the popular characters and themes of One Piece.

Monkey D. Luffy is the main character whereby a slot or casino game could be based on his adventures from the TV series.


Naruto is one of the most well-known anime franchises. The story first launched as a TV program in 1999 and it follows the stories of a young ninja Naruto Uzumaki. Today, the series is still running and it has global appeal after appearing in several countries.

In addition, many Naruto films have been produced, while the brand has also made novels and gaming series from the franchise. A Naruto card game has also been created and released in various countries worldwide.

As one of the most notable anime series in existence, Naruto has an established customer base and international appeal. Therefore, a casino game based around the symbols and characters of the franchise could prove to be successful if produced by an igaming developer.


Despite being one of the newer editions of the anime genre, Bleach has seen international acclaim after launching as a TV show in 2004. The supernatural-adventure series is based on the Tite Kubo Manga franchise and the story follows the life of Ichigo Kurosaki, who gets magical superpowers.

The TV series ran over 350 episodes over nearly a decade and it expanded into other areas too. A four-part film series of Bleach was created, while a rock musical and several video game spin-offs were also released.

Even though the original Bleach anime series ended in 2012, it has retained its mass appeal in Japan and many other nations. As a result, the franchise has the basis to make a comeback through a potential casino-style game in 2023.

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