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Nick Mikhail Net Worth, Plot, Relationship Status, Cases and Much More

A well-known television personality, singer, loan broker, businessman, actor, social media celebrity, and media figure from Singapore is Nick Mikhail. He drew media attention when he claimed that the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) had forcibly entered his home at night.

Unknown Facts about Nick Mikhail

  • In his free time, Nick likes to bike.
  • He is receiving private instruction in boxing at home from his coach.
  • As a social activist, he provides primary assistance to a lot of needy and underprivileged people.
  • Mikhail has a habit of smoking on specific occasions.

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  • He joined Dwell on Instagram mostly to collaborate with his followers.
  • His favorite car, a Porsche, has been purchased.
  • Nick Mikhail’s position was mentioned in Pesta Perdana Award Present in 2001.

Net worth of Nick Mikhail

Nick Mikhail’s estimated net worth in 2022 will be between $5 and $6 million (approx.). On July 31, 2021, late at night, Mikhail claimed that a large number of officers and members of the Safe Distancing Enforcement team showed up at his residence without warning.

Nick Mikhail

Additionally, he stated that he wasn’t at home. When only his wife was present, the officers searched his home. He asked URA to take the required action since he was worried and dissatisfied. I should be clear that Nick is an established actor and internet celebrity. As a loan broker, he also advocates for reduced interest rates.

Early Years and Bio

At the moment of his drug case in September 2015, Mikhail was 41 years old. Although Nick Mikhail Razak was born in 1980, his specific place of birth is uncertain. We think he was raised in Singapore because he currently lives there. He attended a small high school in his hometown for his graduation. He had always wished to launch his own business. He worked really hard to fulfill his dream.

Wife of Nick Mikhail

Mikhail once wed a woman, but their divorce wasn’t clear-cut. In no way has he disclosed who she is. He married Nora Rahamat in a separate ceremony on April 9, 2011.

On the occasion of their tenth wedding anniversary, Mikhail paid a touching homage to his better half. She had been with him since they were married, and he praised her for that.On her Instagram profile, Nora refers to herself as the queen of Prince Nickiqbal. Over 1.7k people follow her there.Similarly, Nick’s boyfriend owns a little company called Nora’s Kitchen. She established the Amoy Street food centre company.

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All of their friends and family came to the stunning wedding. The restaurant’s owner is Nora Rahamat. She works for Nora’s Kitchen. She cooks delicious meals and brings them to the inhabitants of her clients. After performing a thorough investigation, we learned that Nick Mikhail and Nora Rahamat are the parents of a son. When this piece was written, Prince Nick Iqbal would have been between the ages of 8 and 9.

Nick Mikhail Career

According to Nick’s Instagram profile, “The 3 Hundred,” a loan brokering business, is owned and run by him. The business promises to provide loans at a reduced 2.5% yearly interest rate. Additionally, he constructed a lavish office for his company.

Nick Mikhail Net Worth

Frequently, Mikhail uploads videos of himself singing. He has a wonderful voice. He sings, plays the guitar, and performs a song. He is blessed by God with a lovely voice. Our inquiry reveals that he routinely sings the music and uploads it on his social media profiles while not being a professional singer.

Nick Mikhail Case

Nick Razak is upset by how his partner was treated by URA (Urban Redevelopment Authority) employees. On July 31, 2021, they invaded his house without his permission, a warrant, or legal notification (a Saturday). Nick questioned how officers could approach his home at night without him being there in a video that was shared on his official Instagram site.

He claimed that there were only six male officers there, and none of them were female. In reply, URA declared that on August 02, 2021, comfortable distance enforcement officers are allowed to enter the house without a search warrant to ensure that Covid-19-related statutes and regulations are being observed (Monday).

Nick Mikhail Subletting Automotive Case

Nick indicated that he could pay $1600 per month when he leased a car from Mr. Augustin Teo in September 2014. After the deal closes, Nick sublets the car to the third party, who then loses that. Later, CNB discovered the vehicle and bought it (Central Narcotics Bureau).

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Then, when Teo asked Nick to give him back the car, Mikhail continued to offer justifications but later acknowledged that giving the car to the third party was a grave mistake.

Nick Love for Tattoos

Nick Mikhail has a huge obsession with ink. On his fingers, neck, and body, the man has several tattoos. His hand, finger, and hands are all covered in tattoos. Let me inform you that he recently got a tattoo on his neck. He inked a mic on one side of his neck because he is a singer.

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