Honey Stinger Triumphs at the 2023 Best Bite Awards and Food Essentials Awards with Its Oat + Honey Bar


Mohit Kamboj

In a remarkable feat, Honey Stinger, the trailblazing brand that revolutionized honey-based sports nutrition, has clinched top honors in not just one, but two prestigious awards: the 2023 Best Bite Awards hosted by delicious living magazine, and the 2023 Food Essentials Awards by Taste of Life. This dual recognition solidifies Honey Stinger’s unwavering commitment to crafting exceptional products that cater to a diverse range of health and taste preferences.

The illustrious 2023 Best Bite Awards celebrate the vanguards of the health and wellness industry. Honey Stinger Oat + Honey Bar emerged victorious, claiming gold in two esteemed categories: the Consumer Choice Awards and the Retailer Choice Awards. The bar’s remarkable flavor profile and its wholesome, nutritious composition played pivotal roles in its well-deserved triumph.

As part of Honey Stinger’s “Prepare” category, the Oat + Honey Bar is meticulously designed to support various stages of exercise—Prepare, Perform, and Recover. It boasts a harmonious blend of carbohydrates, fats, and protein. The core of this delectable bar consists of freshly ground peanuts, oats, and honey, layered with luscious caramel, and encased in a delightful coating of toasted oats and quinoa crisps. With gluten-free and non-GMO credentials, each bar packs in 23 grams of carbohydrates, 9 grams of fat, and 6 grams of protein, all neatly contained within a modest 190 calories. To suit diverse palates, the Oat + Honey Bar is available in two enticing flavors: Original and Chocolate Chocolate Chip.

Honey Stinger Triumphs at the 2023 Best Bite Awards and Food Essentials Awards with Its Oat + Honey Bar

In tandem with its triumph at the Best Bite Awards, Honey Stinger’s Oat + Honey Bar was also crowned the Best Snack Bar at the 2023 Food Essentials Awards by Taste of Life Magazine. This prestigious recognition from Taste of Life, a revered wellness resource, further solidifies the Oat + Honey Bar as the go-to choice for health-conscious individuals seeking a delectable yet nourishing snack to kickstart their day.

Honey Stinger’s resounding success at both awards exemplifies the brand’s dedication to providing premium products that champion health and well-being. To discover more about the award-winning Oat + Honey Bar and other nutritional gems from Honey Stinger, please visit their official website at

Honey Stinger Triumphs at the 2023 Best Bite Awards and Food Essentials Awards with Its Oat + Honey Bar

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