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David Mudd

Zoom: Zoom Video Calling App Has Added New Security Features

One of the leading video calling app, Zoom started the best period of its life since the lockdown and self-isolation started. Social distancing and quarantines made the people connected more through the Internet. From recent reports, most of the people are using the Zoom app to do video chats and conferences more.

Besides, it became the best choice of businesses, friends and even educational institutions. Lately, different security feature faults were noted in the app. The developers resolved it soon before it all gets worst. Many federal cases also registered on many pranksters for invading public and private calls. At last, Zoom introduced a new security feature to stop the leaking of videos and Zoombombing.


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The New Security Update

From April 5, a security update will be there for all basic and pro users. That will include a waiting room feature and two password settings. The two password settings will be default in the app. All the scheduled meeting links are needed to be sent again after this feature enabled.

The password will be in the invitation to the scheduled meetings. Likewise, In the case of instant meetings, the password will be in Zoom client. Moreover, it will be also included in the meeting URL. Beyond this feature, there will be a waiting room available when joining a meeting. That will allow the host to approve each participant separately. The host can accept all participants in one click too.


This update will also be enabled as default. If the user does not need it. They have to change it manually. After all, it will ensure more security in the meetings. If any more hacking happens during any meetings all calls. The person responsible for that will be charged with state or federal crimes.

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