Zoom: Zoom Adding End-To-End Encryption For Real This Time But At A Cost

Zoom is continuing to upgrade its security systems, keeping in line with the service’s increasing popularity. The video-conferencing platform’s userbase has grown exponentially in recent weeks. This thanks to the coronavirus pandemic forcing people to work from home.

Zoom Acquires Keybase To Implement End-To-End Encryption

A report from The Intercept noted that Zoom’s overall encryption is pretty lacklustre. They marketed the service as having end-to-end encryption, but their investigation found that this isn’t exactly the case. Their version of end-to-end encryption isn’t the same as that found in services like WhatsApp. As a result of this, Zoom is also facing litigation from its investors.

However, since then, Zoom has laid out a 90-day plan to improve their security system. As part of that plan, they’ve acquired an end-to-end encryption firm named Keybase. In a press release on Zoom’s website, CEO Eric Yuan goes into great detail about what this means for the company.


End-To-End Encryption Part Of Zoom’s 90-Day Plan

The blog post also goes into great detail about what these improvements mean for the end-user. “Zoom will offer an end-to-end encrypted meeting mode to all paid accounts. Logged-in users will generate public cryptographic identities that are stored in a repository on Zoom’s network and can be used to establish trust relationships between meeting attendees,” reads the blog post.

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Zoom’s End-To-End Encryption Is Only Available For Paid Users

As we can see clearly, this feature won’t be available to everybody. Only users who have one of Zoom’s paid subscriptions will get end-to-end encryption. Their cheapest paid tier starts at $14.99 per month for the host.


The company is also planning to publish a “detailed draft cryptographic design” on May 22, 2020. Zoom is available on numerous different platforms. This includes Windows PCs, macOS. It’s also on mobile platforms such as iOS and Android.


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