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Zoom Video: As Work From Home Becomes Compulsory, The Conferencing App Is Getting Famous


David Mudd

Zoom Video: The impact of coronavirus is huge. It has caused a lot of people to get away from their mundane lifestyles. People are now forced to stay within the premises of their homes. While this is chaotic for some, others are enjoying it. However, this has halted a lot of the daily activities.

Schools, colleges, businesses are facing a lot of trouble. It is difficult to fave this situation of work from home. But now that we have the technology, staying in touch is simpler. You can easily keep track of your classes, friends, meetings, etc. All you need is an internet connection and a phone or a laptop.

Zoom Video

Apps like Zoom have risen to power. They have experienced a lot of recognition in these past days.

The Increase In Use Of Zoom Video App

Zoom Video app wasn’t something people were very aware of earlier. It is a video conferencing app. You can easily stay in track with your work or school meeting with the help of an app like this. It is a very important online tool for this time.

About 600000 people downloaded the app in a mere duration of 7 days. This was because everyone required to stay in touch with their business. Also, it got very important to share information.

Although some things were rescheduled, others couldn’t be. These compulsory things find their way out through this app.

Zoom Video

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More Such Apps Get Good Responses (Zoom Video)

More such apps have also received amazing responses from users. They are being downloaded, used and shared. In this time of isolation, people are turning to them to make good use of their time. Apps like Netflix Party, Zoom and even Discord are engaging more and more users now.

Many platforms are also taking advantage of this situation. They are upgrading their services so that they can suit the users’ demands. This will also ensure that they use such apps constantly even after the quarantine.

Zoom Video

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People are making creative use of technology. They are conducting discussion sessions, dance classes, academic classes, etc online. Friends are hanging out virtually now. People are making use of Google sheets to share information.
So, these apps are helping you stay busy a lot. In this chaos, it is important to take care of yourself and isolate yourself from anyone. So, connecting by the means of technology is the wisest solution.