Zoom Video App: What Is Zoombombing , Waiting Rooms To Be Added


David Mudd

The Zoom video app has taken the world by storm. Much of this newly generated popularity is thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. The spread of this pandemic has led to numerous locations all over the world to go into lockdown.

Increased Popularity Due To Lockdowns

Governments have asked non-essential businesses to shut down to avoid the movement and gathering of crowds of people. However, those people who can work from home are doing so. Since a massive group of people working from home leads to some logistical challenges, many companies have been looking for painless solutions.

The Zoom video app, which is in the vein of Google Duo, Skype or FaceTime, has seen widespread adoption among many people. Since working from home can communication quite a challenge, the app’s video conferencing feature has earned a lot of praise.


It’s not just businesses holding meetings through this app, either. Many teachers are conducting regular lectures with their students. However, the app did have some issues.

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Strangers Entering Zoom Rooms

For one, anyone who had the meeting’s ID could simply crash the video conference. There were many cases of these strangers sharing shocking, pornographic content and being disruptive.

Now, however, with some changes, Zoom is going to allow the host of the meeting greater control on who gets to come into the video conference. They’ve now enabled passwords on all kinds of meetings.

Previously, they used to be enabled for new meetings, instant meetings, and meetings that required the user to enter a meeting ID. This password requirement now also applies to previously scheduled meetings.


New Features To Make The Process Smoother

The Zoom developers also added virtual waiting rooms for each meeting. Now, the host gets to choose whether someone is allowed into the meeting. This should prevent strangers from disrupting any conference calls.

Zoom spoke about these changes in a statement to The Verge. It says: “We’re always striving to deliver our users a secure virtual meeting environment. Effective April 5, we are enabling passwords and ​virtual waiting rooms by default ​for our Free Basic and Single Pro users. We strongly encourage all users to implement passwords for all of their meetings.”

The fact that Zoom is making these new features available for the free tier of users as well will be a relief for many. The app is available on PC, Mac, Linux and even Android and iOS.