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Zoom Video App : Some Call Were Routed Through China By Mistake

Zoom, the video calling app admitted that some calls were routed through China by mistake. Earlier, they had promised an end to end encryption for the calls. This happened with some calls made from North America. The problem was reported by security researchers at Citizen Lab in Canada. This is just one problem that happened in a short period with the Zoom app.

The application experienced a massive influx of users in the past few weeks. It was because of the lockdown and other social distancing precautions taken by many countries.



Reason For The Problems Zoom

When the users of the app increased enormously, the app developers pressured into an increase of the capacity. After all, these immediate changes many problems with the security features of the app. Many problems were reported and solved in the past few days. There were data-mining problems from Facebook reported. Besides, a user profile issue with LinkedIn is just two of the whole errors that changed in just 2 or 3 weeks.

The company said in a statement that the ramp-up did in the capacity serve is the reason behind the router mistake. That allowed it’s two Chinese data centers to take calls. End to end encryption for messaging is used by companies and applications to secure messages and data. Whenever a message is encrypted. It could not be modified by any third party.


Zoom is originally owned by a Chinese businessman, Eric Yuan. But, San Jose, CA in the United States is where the heard quarter of Zoom is situated. The best time of the app came after the outbreak of novel coronavirus. The increase rate of the users of the app reported as twice of the users before.

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