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Zoom: The App Fixes Its Data Bug, Updates The iOS Version


David Mudd

Zoom has become a very important app in recent times. In this time of work from home, this app has emerged as one of the most famous ones. People are working their businesses here. Also, some people are using it for online classes.

In recent times, this app has seen more downloads than ever. So, the app has been very cautious about its bugs. It is launching new updates and also fixing its problems. So, it is making sure that nothing goes out of place now.

With the increase in demand, it has to keep up to its reputation. Zoom has recently fixed its bug. Noe, it doesn’t send unnecessary data elsewhere. So, it is a safer place to be in. Stay here to know more about the bug fix.


Bug Fix In Zoom

This app was found to send certain user data to Facebook. In its recent update, it has removed this feature. So, no such data is sent to Facebook as of now. The iOS app sent this data when you logged in using Facebook.

Users began to refrain from the ‘Login WIth Facebook’ feature. However, this is a very common way to log in to many apps. Also, this feature is widely used by many people to speed up the process.

Now, Zoom had made a disclaimer that it takes the profile information. However, when more was found out about it, it was revealed that it happened for non-Facebook users as well.


What Has It Done?

So, this is clear that Zoom was taking your data using its Facebook SDK feature. Zoom has said that it only included general information. It included the model of the phone, the OS, the time zone, the versions of the mobile.

Also, it used basic information of your mobile: its screen size, the processor and the disk space. With this official information, it is clear that no harm is done to the personal information.

However, it is now removed. So, you don’t have to worry about it. Now, there is an updated iOS version.

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More About It

In this update, you have ‘Improvements to Facebook Login’. The firm has made sure to gain users trust over this. It has said that it is removing the Facebook SDK that was causing the majority of the problems.


Now, you can still log in using Facebook without worrying much. You just have to update the app to get the recent changes. This can be very beneficial for you. However, it is recommended that you refrain from any such activity.

You can simply avoid this feature as of now.