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Zoom: Questions Raised On Privacy Issues And Others Problems Faced By Users


David Mudd

As the world is under lockdown, there is an urge for an application to have video meetings, and “ZOOM”is top of the roof to fulfill it. The app is based on video callings, online video conferences, to peer-to-peer. As of the coronavirus, many people are glued at home it’self, and the Zoom app is providing all facilities to do “Work from home”.

The app gains so much popularity that even, the UK government has been holding daily cabinet meetings over Zoom. Through this app, people can attain, for yoga classes, school lessons, and virtual nights out and many more.

But now, the app gaining problems with gaining popularity. There is a lot of troubleshooting issues that users of Zoom are facing.


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Zoom: Loss Of Privacy & Anymore Issues 

The more you reach high, the more you need to fall back. This is not just saying, this is what the ZOOM is facing now. The app gained wide attention, including huge privacy and security backlash loss. Even the security experts, privacy advocates, lawmakers, and more even the FBI warn that Zoom’s default settings aren’t secure enough. Zoom is now in trouble, by its own triumph.

There are few issues that it has already gone through. The app is removed from Macs last year by its security and privacy loss. And then Apple kicks out the Zoom and wraps it into its shoe. The default settings and the mechanisms that make the app so easy to use bringing many problems to it.

If you are a Zoom user, then you might know that each Zoom call has a randomly generated ID number between 9 and 11 digits long that’s used by participants to gain access to a meeting. As of the Researchers they have found that these meeting IDs are easy to tackle and allows anyone to join the meeting.


This ultimately leads to some pranksters to join in meeting and uploading the pron and shocking videos. The settings are likewise, they have no passwords for the meetings and this leads to sharing the screen for strangers too. Recently the Zoom changed its settings with the password entry for meetings for the educational purpose last week.

As of the issues, the CEO of Zoom responded: “We sincerely apologize for the concern this has caused, and remain firmly committed to the protection of our users’ privacy,” said Yuan. “We are reviewing our process and protocols for implementing these features in the future to ensure this does not happen again.”